Saturday, August 15, 2015

No more "Rambling"

Bye to our old blog.....
We started our blogging journey back in 2011 with Rushing2Ramble as our blog.
It was a title and blogger address we landed on while driving on that first trip that we blogged.
So somewhere in Eastern Washington/Idaho we said... "Hey, let's blog this trip"... followed by "Hmmm, What should we call our soon-to-be Blog?"
And that, folks, is the sophisticated process that landed us with Rushing2Ramble.... well, that and it was the first idea we had for a title that wasn't already taken :)

Fast forward two years to April 2013. Somewhere along our assorted travels we came across the phrase "Comfortable Adventure". The words resonated with us and I wrote a short post on the blog so we would remember it....See, Told ya! 

And now... another two years have passed and we decided to make that the title of our blog. Well, something close to that.
So our days of Rushing and Rambling are over... but, only in the blog sense.

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