Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Alaska Cruise Redux - Part 3

Ready? Here we goooooo.....

Saturday: Ketchikan
We got into Ketchikan late morning, which was actually nice... we had a relaxing morning and enjoyed watching the scenery go by as we approached Ketchikan.

panorama from the balcony - before reaching Ketchikan

fishing boat

amazing clouds
Today the whole group did the same excursion! A boat trip to Misty Fjords.
It was done by the same company as the whale watching tour I did the day before. But whales would not be in this area, so it was other wildlife and amazing views.

Another great excursion 
Volcano Plug - outside Misty Fjords
Sea plane

Beautiful day in Misty Fjords

And not that Misty today... Hmmm? 

Easier to see with binoculars

leaving Misty Fjords

What a beautiful place. 
Sunday: Day at Sea (Last day on the ship - sad)
We took no pictures today... I know, worst bloggers ever. But we had a wonderful day despite that.
Everyone had things they wanted to do... movies, spa, kids clubs, variety shows, shopping etc. and we all hit the evening show together to wrap up the trip.

A word about our serving team.... Awesome!  Anthony and Ratina, did an amazing job with our crazy group of 11.  To start they noticed the small stuff - example: hubby doesn't use a straw... small little thing. He never mentions it, just takes out the straw and drinks away. [Editor's Note: Because straws are horrible, I mean, sure if you want your drink to simply go past your senses of taste and smell, use a straw, but I'm not sure why you would otherwise...] From the second dinner on, they brought all the drinks except his with a straw. We have a funny group food wise.. with more than half the group vegetarians and 3 (maybe more) allergic to onions. Some of those have strong aversions to mushrooms and one with a sodium restriction - but the team was great. Finding us all good food each night - tracking down favorite soups etc from previous meals - just taking really really good care of us. I should have taken pictures of the food... but I was too busy oooh-ing and ahhh-ing....and eating ;)

Last night onboard.... Love my balcony!

Monday - Bye Disney Wonder :(

I got up and got ready in time to watch us pull into port. I love sailing out of (and into) Vancouver. I have only sailed from Port Canaveral, Seattle and Vancouver... but Vancouver is my favorite.

We ate breakfast at Triton's and said our final goodbye to our team. Then we headed to Azure to wait for our time to disembark.
It took longer last time, I wasn't eager to leave, but once you have packed and left your room.... it's time to go.
Finding all our bags at once we were off the ship was a bit nutty.  The space is cramped and everyone is coming through the area.... but before too long we had all gathered back at the cars.
Packing up the cars isn't nearly as fun as unpacking. And before long we hugged everyone goodbye and headed home. The in-laws and outlaws had a longer drive than we did, so we all headed out.
Another WONDERFUL Disney Cruise to Alaska. Seriously love this itinerary.

Coming home

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