Sunday, May 13, 2018

West Coast, By Land and Sea - Day 1

Happy Mother's Day to me! And all the other moms in the world. Today I get to go to Disneyland with my family!!!

Airport Selfie :)
Months of prep and planning have paid off and we are in LA,

In an unlikely twist it's warmer back home in the pacific northwest than in LA, but I'm getting ahead of myself. Let's get you caught up.

This trip consists of two parts - Land, or Disneyland to be specific, and Sea. Sea being a Disney re-positioning cruise from San Diego to Vancouver BC.

Now getting home from Vancouver isn't typically hard for us… we live an easy drive, but with a one way cruise… we wouldn't have a vehicle waiting for us in Vancouver. unless you plan ahead and are willing to think outside the box. We rented a car the day before our trip. Then hubby drove our car up to BC and parked it at the cruise terminal. He then took a Bolt Bus south to Bellingham, where the kids and I picked him up. 
Bolt Bus! 

Then today we drove the rental car back to the airport and caught our flight. Believe it or not, but that rental was cheaper than a super shuttle for the four of us to the airport. 

We cashed in some miles and enjoyed a first class upgrade to LA. We had a lovely experience on board. Kids decided the best part first class is getting off the plane sooner. I might agree.

After and uneventful flight and picking up a different rental car, we set the GPS towards Disneyland. Knowing our hotel room wouldn't be ready for us yet, we did a quick trip to a fast food restaurant, we parked the car at the hotel and walked to the park.

The Downtown Disney monorail station was the first stop, we were able to activate our passes and catch a lift to the middle of the park with very few steps.

On Monorail... ready for Disney Magic
As soon as we activated the passes we were able to start grabbing Fastpasses… our first was for Small World. We were able to catch Storybook Land before and the train after. Adding some Mint Julep and Mickey-shaped Beignets to our food for the day. We also were able to ride Winnie the Pooh, Big Thunder Mountain, Indiana Jones, Jungle Cruise and Buzz Lightyear before calling it a day. Somewhere in there we ate at the newly redone Pizza Planet - mildly rethemed, but really felt the same as before. Hubby and our daughter rode the Materhorn, while our son and I explored Main Street. We found some dessert and all met up at the front of the park. We all watched Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln before departing. 

Through the whale to Storybook Land

It's A Small World....

Here comes our ride! Train anyone?

It is a talent to eat a Beignet and not get powdered sugar on a black shirt... leave it to the professional, boys and girls. 

Girl talk on the way up the hill :)

Boys scream on the way down :)

Treat time! 

the Elusive Matterhorn Macaroon - It was tasty

Our trek back to the room was mostly uneventful. But we were all pretty tuckered out when we got to the hotel. Of course the room was ready now and the kids were surprised by the theming. 

Wonderfully themed room. Also had framed movie posters from all the movies so far. So fun! 

Then we slept - 'cause what a day!

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