Tuesday, May 15, 2018

West Coast, by Land and Sea - Day 3

Early morning! Eeks the adventurous ones left early to hit rope drop and ride some roller coasters before the lines got too long. The young man and I were slightly lazier. We (I) took our time getting ready and had breakfast in the hotel at the restaurant. Then we wandered over to the parks and joined them for rides at Disneyland.

Meanwhile....at Space Mountain ;)
We had another Bump (yes, with a capital B) when Big Thunder Mountain went down right before we boarded for a second ride. Our young man did not handle this well. Despite all the things to help make it better… he still was very upset. This trip has been a good reminder to all of us that things don’t always go as planned. And for us to work on strategies for how to handle it when they don’t.

We were able to get back to rides and then for lunch we left the park and went bowling. Bowling? Yup! They recently opened a Splitsville in Downtown Disney and this chain is by far my favorite bowling alley experience. The environment is clean, bright and modern. The lanes are in small groups and the food is tasty. You do pay for the upscale experience, but you are at Disney so you are probably prepared for the price tags.


Best Bowling balls ever!!

After a game an a half… you pay for a period of time and can play as much or as little as you like - we headed back to the parks. With a short detour for shopping for the ladies, We all met in California Adventure.

And wouldn’t you know it.. The ride we hoped to go on broke down while we waited….. This time our young man handled it a bit better - happy mom. So we got passes to come back when it was back online and rode Radiator Springs Racers again and got an afternoon snack. Then were able to return to Luigi’s for our ride. And it was a hoot - worth the wait in my opinion.

Hubby was able to ride Guardians a few more time and we all met up in Disneyland again.

Can you find Hubby? 
With a few more rides under our belts we ate and wandered back to the room. Our son and I first while the others hit a few last roller coasters before joining us.

Our time at Disneyland has been fun. We were able to use the new app and use a lot more Fastpasses each day than I expected. It worked really well and hubby is mad skilled at it ;)

The kids had a great time, desipte the hiccups or Bumps along the way. And even the bumps were a good conversation starter for both kids.

Tomorrow the second part of the trip…. The cruise! Can’t Wait!!!

It was a good day ;)

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