Saturday, May 19, 2018

West Coast, by Land and Sea - Day 7

Lazy family day on the ship.

We haven't done this before, but decided to take a day and spend it all together... at sea! The kids usually do this or that... clubs, movies etc. on sea days. But today we mixed it up.

Hubby and I got up and enjoyed breakfast up on deck. Then made up plates for the kids and brought them back to the room. Hubby and our young lady joined a drawing class that morning, our son and I met them partway through.

The cruise staff does a great job of planning low key events (as well as high energy events) on sea days. We followed the drawing with some origami.

Origami crowns in honor of the Royal Wedding. 

And we all lunched together in Triton's.
With more crafts in the afternoon and some games in the room it was a mellow but fun day at sea.
I expected our young lady to really struggle missing the clubs this day, but in the end she enjoyed it and asked if we could do that again on our next cruise (you heard that right ;) we have another in the works already!).

Enjoying an ocean view

Towel folding class!  How'd we do?

Dinner was at Triton's as well... but with a whole different menu and a small change to our serving team. Our main server was out sick today - fingers crossed he will be back tomorrow. In the meantime our assistant server did a great job filling in.

A word on our dining team... superb!
We had Joel as our main server with Darma as our assistant server. Both gentleman were wonderful. Balanced our mixed table excellently as well as all the other tables they had. Gave our young man his space... and let the kids float between the adult and kids menu without issue. To add to the great team, we had the most present Head server we have ever had, Kendell.  He stopped by every night and talked with us... not just talking as us... but with us. He also filled water... random but not something I had seen a head server do before.  Over all they were great!

Our young lady returned to the clubs after dinner. We once again skipped the show (we have seen all the rotation shows on the Wonder a few times by this point, so missing them wasn't a big deal for us.) Hubby attended the late night Michael Harrison show and an 80s music thing in the adult clubs.

Another great day at sea! Tomorrow, Victoria.

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