Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Thankful - Day 2

The Magic Kingdom dressed up for Christmas is amazing! 

We found our way to the TTC and did temperature checks and screenings there before getting on the boat to the park. This really makes arrival and entry easy - I miss the tram, but approve of all the other changes! 

So happy to see the decorations! 

The crowds were not bad! We were able to do a photo pass I have been wanting to do and it will show you a bigger view of crowd levels. 

Our first ride of the day - The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh! A classic. The line was long but moved fast...thank you social distancing. Again hand sanitizer is everywhere - at every ride entrance and every exit. We took advantage of it again today! 
Next up Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. The line was back to the nearby train depot - but again moved quickly. One upside is we get to see the amazingly themed lines on this trip. Since we usually are FastPass Jedi, we skip all the fun stuff to see in the regular line. So that has been fun. 

On Big Thunder! Hubby is hiding back there ;) 

After Big Thunder, we split - half went to Pirates while the rest of us found a resting place and scoped out a fun treat for the young lady. After Pirates, we met and she enjoyed an Orange Bird themed treat. 
Next up Space mountain and Carousel of Progress. Again meeting up after for food. This time we did a mobile order at Cosmic Rays. This was a first for us. We wanted to try the plant-based sloppy joe they offered. Plus we could get fries, etc. Not a bad meal overall. This was pretty much our last planned thing. We wanted to shop a little and I had seen a dessert I probably needed at Pinocchio's.  So we grabbed that... DELICIOUS! And then split to shop a little on our way out of the park. 
The young man wanted to ride the monorail and this was our chance. We took it back to the TTC and walked to the car.... really missing that tram ;) 

Our MK holiday treats! Orange Bird cake from Sunshine Terrace

OH, MY CHOCOLATE! This was epic... we found it at Pinocchio's. 

Our afternoon was just meant to be lazy, which was very nice. And for dinner, we made food in the villa. The young lady and I popped over to the main building at Saratoga springs - the Carriage house, for a little shopping. The boys picked us up after as we had one errand to run this evening, we needed to go to Cracker Barrel to pick up our contribution to Thanksgiving dinner. We ordered a small turkey breast and lots of rolls thru the website a few weeks ahead of time. And pick up could not have been smoother. They were set up for no contact pick up and we were impressed with how easy it was. 

Coming to Disney is always an escape from reality. This trip it is more than ever. We are all very aware of covid and being safe, with our masks on constantly and all the hand washing and sanitizing. But it really feels like we are in an alternate universe, a million miles away from the stress of life. Much needed. I am soo Thankful! 

Something magic about those balloons! Love the Magic Kingdom. 

Favorite Ride of the Day: 
Me: Big Thunder Mountain Railroad
Hubby: Big Thunder Mountain Railroad
Daughter: Big Thunder Mountain Railroad
Son: The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh

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