Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Thankful - Day 3

It's our last day in the parks! And we don't all want to do the same things... so Hubby and the young lady hit Animal Kingdom and the young man and I went to Epcot. 

Animal Kingdom opened at 8 am and Epcot opened at 11... so we had a much lazier morning than they did! Which I appreciated.

Lots of construction walls at Epcot! 

And boy does Epcot look different right now. Mainly Future World.... just soo much construction! We found our way through the construction walls and past the line for Test Track and found our way into World Showcase. Our first stop was the caramel shop in Germany...yup! We got some yummy treats to share with the fam on Thanksgiving. I actually packed a small cooler bag to carry stuff in... so things didn't melt while we enjoyed the park. 

Completely empty foyer for American Adventure. Sooo quiet. 

Next up - American Adventure. A must-do for our young man, with only a dozen people in the theater it was super easy to social distance. 
We grabbed a donut and took a short break to enjoy it before walking the rest of World Showcase. 
Our last stop in World Showcase was the new circlevision movie in Canada - Canada Far and Wide. 
It was fun to see the new version. Between you and me I liked the old version better - but it's still fun. 
Back in Future World we rode Journey into Imagination and Living with the Land - two favorites. We even got to see Living with the Land decorated for Christmas! 

Santa Mickey in Living with the Land

Last stop in Epcot was MouseGears. Its temporary location (again soo much construction) was much smaller, but we got some goodies all the same. And our bus was waiting to take us back to the resort. Great timing on the buses this trip! We had the whole bus to ourselves. 


[Next part of post written by the editor:

So we didn't attempt to get to the Animal Kingdom in time for rope drop, but we were in the park before 9:00. The conventional wisdom is to get there right when they open and head directly for Flight of Passage. Well, since we weren't there right at opening, the Flight of Passage line was already about 100 minutes, so there was no rush to ride that. Instead we started with Dinosaur, which had no line. Next we headed to Expedition Everest. The line was only about 25 minutes long, but it extended back to the Finding Nemo show building. 

Distanced Dinosaur

Emptied Everest

Next we headed to the Safari. The line wasn't too bad. We essentially rode Dinosaur, Everest and the Safari within the first hour of arriving at the park. The Safari had new plexiglass between each row and every party had a row to themselves.


Lazy, Lazy Hippos

From the Safari, we headed toward Pandora, to get in line for Navi River Journey. For this ride, the line extended back to the bridge where you enter the Pandora area. After this, we found the line for Flight of Passage. The fact that this had a 100 minute wait, combined with the distancing, meant that the line for this was looooong in distance. The line snaked through most of the paths that cross through Pandora and then went down the walkway toward the Africa section. It then entered the line for Festival of the Lion King (which was closed) and then doubled-back about halfway back to the Pandora area.

Testing out night mode on my phone in Navi River

More Navi River

After the long line (which also happened to be the first time we've seen the line for Flight of Passage, since we have always had fastpasses before), we found lunch.

Part of the line for Flight of Passage we've never seen before

We planned to do Kali River Rapids as the last thing before we left the park, but wanted to see if we could get another ride on Everest before we did that. Everest was closed, but the line reopened just as we walked past it, so we got in the line. They ran a couple trains, then it broke down again and they cleared the line out. We headed over to Kali, got in the ~hour line for that and headed back to the car and to the room after riding.

End of Animal Kingdom report.]

I don't know about the kids, but I am appreciating the afternoons in the room. At least one of us is napping each day. Tonight we ordered Noodles & Co. for dinner and hubby ran over to pick it up.  We girls talked hubby into dropping us off at Disney Springs so we could check out The World of Disney store. The wait to get in was about 20 minutes. We enjoyed looking around and were able to find a sweet little trinket. We also popped into Basin before we left Disney Springs. For future reference... Basin is the best place on Property to wash your hands. We picked up a few scrubs to take home. 

Favorite Ride of the Day: 
Me: Living with the Land
Hubby: Everest
Daughter: Flight of Passage
Son: Journey into Imagination 

[The rest of this trip was family Thanksgiving stuff, so no posts for the second half of this trip.]

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