Thursday, July 8, 2021

Beach house! Don't mind if we do.

 We rented a house on the beach! Crazy...maybe. Awesome...definitely! 

So this may have been a kneejerk reaction to being able to actually get a rental house, and still trying to make up for vacations lost last summer, but we did it anyway. And friends, it was lovely! 

This sweet house was in Oak Harbor, Washington. On the coast. It featured beautiful bedrooms, an amazing kitchen, a pool table, and the beach!

We mainly did there what we do at home, but in a spacious environment with amazing views. We did venture into town for pizza one day and did some grocery shopping locally for the house. But we read, watched movies, played pool, organized Pokémon cards, baked cupcakes, and just enjoyed the space. 

I will post a bunch of pictures. I don't know if we will ever get the opportunity to go back, but I would definitely return if I ever get the chance. 

We have arrived! The picture was taken from the front door. 

Beautiful kitchen

Master bedroom

Are you kidding me!!! 

One of the additional bedrooms

Where I will drink my coffee each morning! 

Back deck... where I will finish my coffee ;) 

One of our projects 

Are you kidding me?! So good! 

Foggy Morning walk on the beach... the tide is out. 

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