Monday, September 7, 2015

Last day :(

DL Half Marathon weekend-o-fun!

Oh, it's early.... Early entry at DCA is 7 am! What?
Ok... here we go. They have a Starbucks in the park... I will be ok... I will be ok ;)

Sun is coming up over downtown Disney... walking to rope drop
Ready to go... open, open, open. 
Crowds at rope drop weren't that bad at all. We buzzed over to Radiator Springs Racers and were on it within 20 mins... Awesome! Our brave lady remembers crying through this ride back in 2012... but this time she LOVED it.

Welcome to CarsLand! 
Line at opening... 15 mins, not bad. 
Monument Valley in black and white... cool
Moving on... gotta get in as much as we can before the crowds start :) 
Toy Story Mid-way Mania, California Screamin, Goofy's Sky School, Ariel's undersea adventure. Then the kids and dad hit Bug's land and I went to...yup Starbucks! 
We met up once I was caffeinated and rode Soarin. 

But now we need to go back to the hotel and check out. We were able to get a later check out time of noon... which gives us some time to pack up.

Then it's back to the park! We were lucky to get the most popular rides under our belts before we broke to pack. And as an added bonus... we snagged a 4 pm fastpass for Radiator Springs Racers.. so we can ride it one last time before we depart.
Grizzly River Run proved to be the hardest ride to get on, for hubby and our lady. But they got fast passes and then waded through the sea of people who also had fast passes and were able to ride it! Yay!

Mater's Junkyard Jamboree... we have the whole soundtrack for this ride at home.. it was hard not to sing along.
We enjoyed the rest of the park, including lunch, rides, ice cream, and some shopping. Then ended with a great run on Racers. This time our car even won! The perfect way to end the trip.

The walk back to the car seemed longer than usual... but we made it and were at the airport before we knew it.
If anyone knows why Orange County/John Wayne/Santa Ana airport has three names that people use interchangabley... please let me know. Anyway... I was able to get two mugs at "the" airport! Shockingly I got Edmonton! It's not cheating, because I've been to Edmonton... and in the last half dozen years... so it's all good. (Listen people these are my rules, I get to decide what's cheating... no judgement!)

Our flight home was uneventful. I am glad to sleep in my own bed tonight.
What an awesome weekend!
Two thumbs up... they look a wee bit tired, don't they :)

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