Saturday, September 5, 2015

Rest day - Gearing up for the fun

DL Half Marathon weekend-o-fun!

Today we are lazy. The day will consist of eating, resting, and well.... relaxing.
With his longest race ever... in the morning, we want hubby to be rested and ready to go.

So let the hydrating and carb loading begin :)
The Cheer Squad needs to carb load too? Right?

Breakfast today was a longtime favorite, Kings Hawaiian Restaurant in Torrance California.
If you haven't been and didn't know it was a place... next time you find yourself in the area.. check it out. I can't speak to Lunch or Dinner.. but Breakfast is gooood.
POG juice, French toast from Hawaiian bread (yumm-o), coconut syrup... I could go on.
We were lucky enough to meet a up with family for breakfast. Loved catching up with her! So glad that worked out.

Hidden Mickey's everywhere!
Then we wandered back to the hotel for part two of our day... resting.
Books and music were enjoyed for a few hours before we decided to venture out again. We wanted to get a feel for where to go in the morning. So we walked down a ways to where the finish line is, and saw some of the prep already underway for tomorrow.

After a light snack we headed back... time to relax :)
Our lazy day isn't quite as exciting for the kids as for us... and I think having the picture window view into the park, might make it harder.

But our park passes start tomorrow and we will make good use of them... at least those of us who don't need to recover from 13.1 miles. He may take a more leisurely pace than the rest of us.

We found some time in all the R&R to hit the pool. Paradise Pier has a rooftop pool..if you can roll with the roof being on the third floor.... The rest of the building is 14 stories, but it still feels roof top when you are there.
It is complete with a great waterslide that our young lady had a blast on. (On a side note, we didn't see any restrooms out on the pool deck - so plan ahead people!)

Slide "California Streamin"
Chillin poolside
Dinner was found at Earl of Sandwich, a place we have been before, but at Disney World. This location provided us with the same yummy fare - the Holiday Turkey Sandwich, seems to make me say "Best Sandwich Ever" every time I eat it.
(It was a day of good food)

Surveying the parks from our room
runner... resting up for tomorrow
Last on the list is final prep and sleep.
Clothes are now laid out, bib number is pinned in place. Shoes, running watch, energy chews are all packed up and ready to go. Alarms have been set, with a back up wake up call.... we should be good.

I have yet to decide when the kids and I will venture forth to our seats to watch the runners cross the finish line. I will let you know tomorrow... how it all worked out.

Yes, we were lazy today, but we did walk over 4 miles.... I know this because (fitbit, yes.. but) our sweetheart girl was saying she didn't move enough today. It was bedtime and she just wanted to run. So I checked... Yup, see here... you moved today :) and tomorrow, you will move more, I promise.

On a side note:
If you ever see these... they are simply King Hawaiian Rolls covered in cinnamon sugar... lots of cinnamon sugar.
And no one said this was a bad thing. 

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