Sunday, September 6, 2015

Race Day!!!!

DL Half Marathon weekend-o-fun!

DCA was all lit up for the runners
It's here! I am sure Hubby has a lot more emotions about this than I do, as he is the one running it. But I am crazy excited none-the-less. 
As promised, super early in the morning, things got started...
Runners needed to be in the corrals by 5:15 am for the 5:30 start time. 
I watched the corrals go by from my birds eye view in our room... and these corrals were rather large.
You can see the runners on the street at the bottom of the pic... they will loop around and into the park
The lights in DCA were on for the runners and it was fun to see the shadows of the runner in the early corrals turn into regular runners, as the sun came up and the later corrals hit the streets. 
Hubby sent me lots of pictures from along the course (his pics at the end). 

Off to cheer Daddy
Mostly awake.. but in our matching Cheer Squad T-shirts
The kids and I were up early too, just not as early as hubby. We ventured out about an hour before we expected him at the finish. This gave us time to find our seats in the Cheer Squad area and settle in. 
We picked up some of the food that was provided.. but other than my coffee none of it was really eaten. Between the early hour and how excited (over stimulated) we were... food wasn't high on the to-do list.

Most unique assortment of foods... Whole grain (seeds included) Croissant and Rita's Italian Ice..... Hmmm?
People watching is sooo much fun at a RunDisney event. The finish line entertainment was as much fun as watching the runners finish. The kids had fun seeing all the costumes 

The finish line! 
Selfie time! 
and with my little lady! 
So true... and this runner carried that flag 13.1 miles.
And of course we got to see our runner cross the finish line. He was all smiles as were we.

There he goes... in his signature all black 
We all met at the room for a time... to rest, change, recover a bit. Then we were off to Disneyland!
We haven't been since 2012 and we are not sure what the little lady truly remembers from that trip. So we dove right in and go quite a bit done. Focusing mostly on things that Disneyworld doesn't have, or that are different here in CA. Plus a few that we just HAVE to ride, or it's not a trip to Disney ;)
Gotta have a mint julep and mickey beignets..... right?
We left the park around 4:00 to return to the room and rest a bit before dinner.

The castle.. in its birthday best! Happy 60th to Disneyland! 
This is what happens to you when you do a half marathon... then your family drags you all over the park - small world nap.
The line at the DL Starbucks... much longer than any I encountered at WDW Starbucks. 
Dinner was with old friends who live in the area. We loved getting to see them. The kids were a wee bit bored, but managed ok. These are the type of good friends that are more like family... years may go by, but getting together its like you were never apart. Such fun!

Hubby decided to grab a massage so he dropped us off and ventured out. I got the kids to bed and once he got back... we weren't too far behind.

The medal. Cool, huh? The middle diamond spins to show the castle on the other side. 

Pictures from the course... a runner's perspective (captions provide by the wife)

Walking to the corrals
Entering Radiator Springs... just after the 1 mile mark
Headed over to Disneyland
Gonna run through the castle... just after mile 3
Runners thinking, "Hmm, that looks like a great place to nap later" ;)
Just one of a many marching bands lining the course
more entertainment for the runners... hula anyone?
Nothing beats running along the Santa Ana river on a hot day... wait? where did it go?
You can see this icon from Disney property, and it looks really far away... just saying. 
Someone has a sense of humor :)

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