Monday, December 26, 2016

Holiday Travels... road eats - Day 1

Day 1

What, Where and why:
We are on the road for the Christmas holiday and decided to blog part of the fun.
Mainly because the theme of this trip is "only eating at places we don't have access to at home". Well, that and the joy of Christmas and seeing our loved ones, but you knew that part.

So, here on the blog we are going to focus on the food. Now don't go thinking we are going for refined sophistication here... the only criteria for restaurants is a chain we don't have at home. We are allowing one exception - Starbucks. (Hey you don't judge us, and we won't judge you... deal?)

The rough route is from the Vancouver/Portland area, south to Northern Cali and the area between Sacramento and Grass Valley. Then back.

We left our northwest family and started our journey south.
First stop lunch at Noodles and Co.

We love Noodles and Co.
We discovered them a few years ago (actually, I think it was the last time we drove down to California in 2012) and now look for them when we are out of town. Lucky for us they are getting closer, but still not something we have easy access to at home.

And now we drive.
and drive.
and.... drive, yup, you know the drill.

We landed in Medford, Oregon for the night.
Our plan was to check into our hotel and then head to dinner.
But as we unloaded the car, we realized we left a bag back up at our previous destination.
Luckily (or unluckily depending on your outlook) we had left the toiletry bag... the large tote we filled with everything from shampoo, tooth brushes, makeup, brushes, vitamins, medications, etc.
So, a chunk of our evening was spent trying to decide what HAD to be repurchased to survive the next week ;) HAD TO!

But some of this was done over dinner. We dined at Elmer's. We actually had breakfast for dinner and it was delicious.

And with full tummies we hit the Vitamin Shoppe, Ulta and Fred Meyer for the bare necessities.

This is what the bare necessities look like for us apparently.

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