Friday, December 30, 2016

Holiday Travels...road eats - Day 5

Headed back -

We had the morning with family and then hit the road about lunch time.
Lunch was a series of drive-thru windows - as we each apparently felt like different food.
But some of the highlights fell into the criteria of the trip -

This guy has nothing to do with this post... but wow! riding a unicycle down the street with a drink in each hand.WOW!

We drove a few hours north and then popped back into Marie Calendar's for some pie to go... cause who knows when well will be back in Cali?

Sunset from Marie Calendar's
The last hour in the state provided us with some less than ideal weather. Hubby sat up straight and adjusted his hands to 10 and 2 at one point, that's when I knew the weather was causing issues ;)

We had some snow and very cold temps. The snow was only sticking in a few places, but the roads were mountain roads and being careful can never hurt. We made it over the pass and into Oregon without issue. But I didn't really get a picture of the sign - sorry about that.

It's an Oregon shaped blur... "Welcome to Oregon"
Back at the same hotel from Monday night we checked in and asked the front desk for a pizza recommendation. She suggested Bobbio's and they deliver - sounds great.
Pizza we can get at home.. but not Bobbio's pizza ;)
45 minutes later, our pizzas arrived, including my taco pizza... yumm.

I think we were hungry. Good pizza, thanks Bobbio's!

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