Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Europe - Day 1

Guten Tag! We made it to Germany! And somehow we landed right about 1:35 pm which was our orginal landing time - Amazing.

Our Plane

The Frankfurt airport was HUGE... Actually I can't speak big to the terminals or the concourse, but the tarmac and the parking/rental car areas..... HUGE. Our plane actually parked out in the middle of the tarmac, quite a ways from anything, and a couple of buses came out to take us all to the main airport. The bus ride was over 5 minutes, next to planes and through buildings....huge!
And to say the garage with parking and rental cars had a long hallway is an understatement.... truely when we started down the hallway (tunnel) I couldn't clearly make out the end of it.... we found the end but it was a ways.

Despite it all, a shiny black car waited patiently for us and we left Frankfurt. Stuttgart is our destination the first night in Germany. With a little traffic and a lot of Autobahn (woooo weee!) we made it to our hotel in a little over 2 hours.

Hands at ten and two... you know he is serious

Clearly I am taking pictures of everything ;)

We picked a B+B Hotel for our quick stay. They have a "Family Room" with bunk beds, that fit the bill. The kids no longer get excited about bunk beds, but it allows us all to have a little space to ourselves which is handy. The room was small, a double bed [Editor's note: The size of the bed was somewhat larger than a US queen bed], bunks and a small table - Plus a 3/4 bath. Not somewhere a family of four could unpack, but clean and comfortable, with everything we needed for the night.

Bunk bed at B+B in Stutgart

We planned to dinner at Vapiano, Hubby had been to one in Hamburg years ago and we knew we could all find food that would fit our likes. So we ventured out into downtown and found parking.
Dinner was good - Pizza, pasta and salads. Yumm. I am not in the habit of taking pictures of my food, but I may need to start for this trip.

Enjoying a relaxed dinner. 

After dinner we stopped at Aldi to pick up some grocerys - mainly water and lunch fixin's for tomorrow, we plan to kinda picnic.

Then hotel and sleep.
Only one of the four of us really slept on the plane. Our young lady got a good 2 hour nap in the car driving into Stutgart. [Editor's note: It says something when people can sleep when traveling at 120mph down the highway. Not sure what it says, but probably speaks well of the car that we have, the skill of the driver ;-), or maybe just how tired people were...]  But Hubby and I were tired - the last two days felt like one day and also four days... all rolled into....zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

And they slept

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