Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Europe - Day 2

Guten Morgen!

Oh wow did I sleep well. I was (and possibly still am) VERY tired. But a solid night sleep was awesome. Breakfast today was a light buffet style downstairs at B+B. Hubby says it's fairly standard German breakfast fare.
I even braved the fancy German automatic coffee machine... I figured no matter what button I pushed, coffee would come out... and if it was a latte, cappuccino or something else.. if it was coffee at its core, I would be ok.
The breakfast area was us and a half dozen or so gentlemen. We appeared to be the only tourists.

Today's destination is Munich or München, if you know your German. With a stop along the way... so we set out to see a castle!

Cruising Along

And see it we did.... we climbed LOT of steps in the castle too! But first we had a lunch fail... oh, the best laid plans. We picked up sandwich fixings last night, remember? And we planned for and had time to make some PB&J and enjoy it before our afternoon tour of the the castle. BUT.... it was HOT in the car where the fixin's were for a bit before we needed them and (probably the biggest issue) we didn't have plates, napkins or anything to spread said fixin's on our bread.
I know, rookie mistake, and we tired to make it work... but ultimately failed and a couple of us were rather sticky in the end. So we snacked through lunch, chips etc. We wouldn't starve.

Getting to the castle requires an elevation gain... how you do it is up to you. Walk about 30 mins up hill.. all up hill. Or take the bus. Seems like an easy choice, but they don't tell you (at least not directly) that it's still a 15 min walk from the bus drop off.
We took the bus and when they dropped us off I noted the walk to the castle was downhill.... easy, but (say it with me....) what goes up, must come down.... wait, that didn't quite work. Ok, how about this... who walks down, must walk back (all the way) up. Oh mamma I am tired!
We considered for a short minute just walking back.. yes, 30 mins, but all down hill. But really you don't care about how we got there, so here are some castle pictures!

They don't let you take pictures in the castle. The tour was good. Lots of info on King Ludwig II. Even with some things covered due to a restoration project, we enjoyed it.  But the stairs... the tour starts with you walking up several flights of a spiral staircase. Enough to make everyone on the tour a little winded. Then over the course of the tour you go up about 3 more flights. And as we have already stated, what goes up... yada yada yada.
We did grab a snack at the castle before our walk back to the bus.

We peaked into a few shops in the town but didn't linger long. Onward to Munich.

Some sights from the drive to Munich

Actually we are staying a bit out of Munich at a Waterslide, spa, sauna, family resort - Therme Erding. [Editor's note: The description of Therme Erding (in German) is: "Die größte Therme der Welt" which Google translate will tell you means: "The largest spa in the world." However, I don't know that the translation from "Therme" to "spa" really conveys the full meaning of the word. It's basically a large thermal water based resort that uses as it's primary heat source a hot spring well where the water comes out at 150°F. It has multiple pools, water slides and saunas. Parts of it are spa-like, but parts are more waterpark-like.]
Once we arrived we had some dinner then after a rest, dove in to the pools. [Editor's note: Well, not literally. None of the pools there are deep enough for diving.] My personal favorite may be the Crazy River... which is like a lazy river on full blast.... can we go again, please! But we hit almost all the pools this evening and may add some waterslides tomorrow. We plan to spend the day here tomorrow... just floating around. Probably won't have many pictures, but we will see.

Auf Wiedersehen!

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