Saturday, October 20, 2018

Colorado - Another beautiful day with a train

We had a weird night last night... either one or the other kid was up for one reason or another. It was a bit like a really sleepy game of whack-a-mole. As soon as one was quiet, the other would pop up.
So this morning, we decided to eat a big breakfast.... we ventured out to a local place called The Egg and I.  You may have guessed they do a lot of egg based dishes. We each ordered something different from French toast to Huevos Rancheros. Overall it was tasty.
After breakfast, we ventured over to Boulder for a short driving tour of the town. We may go back tomorrow for more exploring.

Another beautiful day in Colorado.

Then we enjoyed about an hour of rest in the room, which I really needed after my night of whack-a-mole

Our afternoon plans involve a train ride in Georgetown, about an hour away. Another beautiful day for driving through Colorado. We noticed that we were going higher and higher into the mountains and began to wonder how high we would get today. HIGH, is the answer. Very very high for us sea-level people.

The Georgetown Loop Railroad is currently doing an Oktoberfest themed round trip ride from Georgetown to Silver Plume and back. See pictures for elevation!!
We also got to sample some local root beer, which hubby enjoyed on the train.

The hour-long ride was very nice and we were glad we took the time to go. Back in town, we picked an old family favorite for dinner - the Old Spaghetti Factory. This location, Westminster, is just a year old .. so all the bread knives are still sharp. After eating our fill we spotted something on the way to the car.... balloons! 
There was some event across the highway and they had about 8 hot air balloons doing a balloon glow. We hung out for a bit to enjoy the sight. 

Back in the room, we all wound down... The bed is calling.

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