Sunday, October 21, 2018

Colorado - out and about heading home

We slept in... I don't know that we meant to. I could blame it on the time zone as Colorado is Mountain time, but more likely we all just needed a little extra sleep. We missed breakfast at the hotel and decided to just check out and run by Panera for a little something to hold us till lunch.

After Panera, we headed back to Boulder. We had talked about doing the Celestial Seasoning Tea Factory Tour. But the factory isn't actually running on the weekends, so instead we decided to just buzz over and check out the shop, and see where it was for next time.
The shop was filled with delightful bits and bobs. Many adorable tea lover trinkets and LOTS of tea. We picked up a few boxes of flavors we don't have at our local store.

We decided we will return the next time we are in the area on a weekday and do the whole tour experience. On our way out I spotted something in the field... what could that be... Prairie Dogs?
Yup... soooo many!!! I was totally taken back by how many, how close to us, and well them just being there, to begin with. Once we spotted them there, we saw them all over the place. Amazing.

From here we were off to the Denver Zoo.. you know us and zoos.
It was an easy drive but parking was insane... it was clear that something was going on at the zoo.... and it involved people in costumes and candy from what we could tell. We were lucky enough to notice the Denver Museum of Nature and Science almost next door and decided that was a better fit... It really was!

Parking was easy peasy and the museum was WONDERFUL. We saw quite a bit of it and really enjoyed our time.

This wrapped right into time to head home. We returned our rental, checked our bags, and picked up some dinner before boarding our flight home. An uneventful three hours later we were waiting for our bags at baggage claim.

We had a bit of unwanted excitement getting to the car when our oldest rolled his ankle. It was a first for him (not for me or sister), but we got him through it and home for ice and rest. He will be on sprain ankle protocol for a few days... I think it is just strained, but the difference is currently lost on him.

Besides the ankle, it was a great weekend adventure. We all enjoyed Colorado and look forward to going back.

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