Friday, August 30, 2019

Orlando 2019 - Epcot!

Walking into Epcot! 

Truth be told, Epcot is my favorite park.
Today we started our day with rope drop and an early ride on Soarin'.
We had reservations for a character breakfast at the Garden Grill inside the Land Pavilion so riding Soarin' first made good sense. We also popped onto Living with the Land and it was time to eat when we got off.

We have breakfasted here once before and at that time decided it was a good fit. So we tried it again. And again the food worked really well for our group. But it is clear we are outgrowing the Character Meal experience. The young lady and I still did pictures and had fun with it. She and Mickey even shared a laugh when he colluded with her to sneak up on me from behind. The mouse gave me a kiss on the cheek and it startled me soo much I yelped... loudly! They both laughed, to funny.

Hmm. this reminds me of something...

Hey Mickey! 

After breakfast, we worked our way around the rest of Future World. We liked the update to Mission Space: Green. And by the time we got to our Test Track fast pass the weather was starting to turn. Apparently, Test Track shuts down in bad weather and they were making announcements to warn people in line that it could happen at any minute. We stayed the course and got through before the water started to fall. In fact, we made it to the Mexico pavilion before the rain started.

After the ride, we waited a bit in the pavilion before venturing out. But it wasn't long before everyone was back outside walking around.  We worked our way around World Showcase and even picked up a few items to try from the Food and Wine Festival booths. So far, we like the Indian food booth and the Japan booth. Another day we might try more.

Great views all around World Showcase! 

We saw the CircleVision in China and the movie in France, followed by a sweet treat from France. Then it was time to leave. Leaving only one attraction left unridden, but we know we will be back for it.

Side note: We are in hurricane season and Dorian, the impending storm is on everyone's mind. These little rain bursts we have been getting are typical Florida weather, But the upcoming storm will be more. I overheard a half dozen conversations about it the last day or so.
On the way home, we made a few stops. Filling up on gas as well as picking up some more water and food for the storm/weekend.

Our evening consisted of dinner in the room, planning for storm contingencies, and getting off our feet.

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