Saturday, August 31, 2019

Orlando 2019 - Relax and enjoy the resort

A much needed lazy day!

Today is our first day off, at least until later tonight. 
We are enjoying our two-bedroom unit at the Orange Lake Resort and we are taking advantage of the full kitchen and the resort's pool area.

Wonderful Lazy River

The morning was lazy but we still got to the pool around 10. They have a significant lazy river, and we floated around for the better part of two hours, before breaking for lunch in the room. 

Ah, There is something to be said for being able to have a homemade meal or two. Soo good.

Can we take a moment to talk about Dorian? Come on, that guy is the worst... no, seriously we are keenly aware of the current category 4 Hurricane churning its way towards us. We are less than halfway throughout the trip and at this point are expecting to see Dorian to some degree in a few days. When and how much of him will be left we don't know yet. But we filled up the good ole rental car yesterday, and we stocked up on water and some non-perishable food as well, just in case. We will be in another timeshare starting tomorrow and should be there through whatever storm we get.
My current favorite comment about Dorian is that waiting for a hurricane is like being stalked by a turtle.

After lunch we lazed! A lot. Tried not to get sucked into looking are weather forecasts, as it's our relaxing day, but again, it's hard not to think about that turtle stalking us ;)

Glad we stayed here - the River was delightful

Once things settled a bit, Hubby and the kids returned to the lazy river for a bit. I wandered out and watched in a comfy lounge chair until the weather turned rainy. We are getting pretty familiar with the mad dash to cover... so we did it again, back to the room.

We all dried off and got dressed for the evening. After dinner, we decided to head into the Studios park and see Star Wars land. We didn't ride Smugglers Run but enjoyed walking around Batuu. We got on Midway Mania and tried the new Lighting McQueen Racing Academy. Hubby rode Tower of Terror and the kids and I had a bit of Ice Cream. All in all, we got a lot done in a little bit of time.

Entering the Studios after dark 

Walking into Star Wars Land... also known as Galaxy's Edge... also known as Batuu

The Millennium Falcon!!

Holding her thermal detonator... I mean Sprite bottle 

These ships look soo cool lit up at night! 

Are these the droids we are looking for? 

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