Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Orlando 2019 - volcano bay and universal

We are up earlier today
It is really in prep for tomorrow, but we will get to that....tomorrow.

We ran down to the lounge for another quick breakfast. The options aren't bad, and this is working out pretty well. 
Our first order of business today is water slides! We are off to Universal Studios Volcano Bay park, which is huge and fairly new.
Volcano Bay entrance
Since we are staying on-site, we have early admission and get in an hour before the general public.

Two of the four of us really enjoy water slides. One of us is a huge lazy river fan and the holdout will tolerate it for a limited period of time. So we went forth! 

The park is beautifully themed. Crazy lush and very tropical.

soo much greenery
We found the lockers pretty easy to use and were in the "Fearless River" almost as soon as they opened it up. This one is far from lazy, you have to wear a life vest, then just let the current pull you through. Fun!! 
Our young man sat this out to play in the sand. After a lap, we decided to split up into our typical groups... the adventurous two and the young man and me. 
The brave among us hit a bunch of slides, while he and I did the typical lazy river and explored all the nooks and crannies of the park.

The volcano! 
After a few hours, we met up and decided to work our way back to the room. The brave took one more lap at the river and we met back in the room. 

After showers, we knew it was time for lunch and more park time.

Toothsome's for lunch

For lunch, we tried Toothsome's Chocolate Emporium. I know it doesn't sound like lunch, but the menu looked quite good and the steampunk-inspired decor was fun.

this bread was not sweet but it was delicious... if you come across the recipe, I want it! 

Almost ate it all!!!

We ate real food and split dessert. Then before we got too full, went into the Islands of Adventure to see more of the park. 

We made it through Seuss Island and the Lost continent  - when the rain decided to show up. Even with the waterworks, we made it to Hogsmeade. After exploring we took the train back to the Studios park to re-ride some favorites from yesterday.

At Citywalk, we got some random food to take back to the room for dinner. 
These days have been really fun, I expect we will return to Universal in trips in the future

back at the resort for the evening.... just a little wind. 

Every evening on the plaza, something like this happens. It was delightful

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