Thursday, August 29, 2019

Orlando 2019 - Magic Kingdom and more

Last night was rough.
But we all slept and that was good.

Walking towards the Castle... great clouds today! 

We were up and to TTC to catch a monorail to the Magic Kingdom by 10:40 am. The young lady is sporting two-finger splints today, she says she isn't in any pain, which is awesome and she had a great attitude, although she is hiding that hand in photos.

posing at the famous Purple Wall... seriously, it has a following! 

This morning was funny as 2 of the 3 fast passes we set, broke down before we got to them, which landed us with 2 extra fast passes (Nice). Then the first two rides we got in line for both stopped temporarily while we were in line.  Crazy.
But we were able to get on everything in the end. In no small part to hubby's mad skills with what we now affectionately call "the FastPass game".

We rode rides, had an easy lunch at Pinocchio's (thank you mobile ordering), and rode more rides!
The rain popped in to remind us it could mid-afternoon and we enjoyed the updated version of Hall of the Presidents while the rain did its thing.
We got through a lot of rides and decided mid-afternoon to head over to the Animal Kingdom, so we took the monorail back to TTC and drove our rental car to AK for a few hours.

We got on the Safari and then found some iced drinks before hitting Pandora. The theming is really good. We are really late to the story of Avatar, we just saw the movie last month, so we now understand a bit more what the land is all about.
After the river ride, the young man and I headed to the car and the adventurous ones rode Flight of Passage before joining us.

We ordered dinner from Panera online and stopped by to pick it up before going home.
Tomorrow Epcot!

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