Sunday, September 1, 2019

Orlando 2019 - Move to the Boardwalk

Today marks the halfway point of the trip!

My feet might be the only part of me willing to believe that ;)

Today we move on property to Disney's Boardwalk.
We have a 1 bedroom DVC unit with a kitchen, washer, etc.
It will be smaller than the unit we had at Orange Lake, but way closer to the action!

Check out is at 10, but Check-in isn't until 4. Even so, we decided to check in early. Our logic was partially storm based. Dorian has been on the minds of locals, at least, for the better part of the week. People might be checking out early to get home, or checking-in last minute because they had to evacuate. We wanted to have our stuff at the resort and the check-in process complete as early as possible.
Granted we can check in on our phones, but again, I wanted to talk to someone and get a read on the level of storm prep, etc.
Well, despite a line at check-in, our room was already available! The staff said the resort would take care of us if the storm came and not to worry.
So by 11, we were in our room settling in and prepping to go to the parks!

Our 1-bedroom Villa.... before we lived in it. 

The Animal Kingdom was the plan. We moved our fast passes around a bit to give ourselves time at the resort, and took the bus from the resort.
We went on Navi River first and then did a mobile order for lunch at Pizzafari. Still loving mobile ordering.

Floating Islands of Pandora

After lunch, half the group ran over to Everest and we all met up after for snacks - Mickey bar and Corn... odd combo, but it was an either/or situation... no one had both. Then we rode the train up to Rafiki's Planet Watch.

Roasted corn and the first Mickey bar of the trip! 

This area has changed a bit since last time I was here. they are now using the bulk of the space for an animation experience. It was full, so I assume it's well-received. it was a bit of a let down for us since we weren't going to do that - they don't have much other space before a few small displays. But we go to ride the train and that is important.
After we hit the safari.

We enjoyed seeing Kevin walking around the park

At this point, our young man and I decided to take a break and head back to the hotel. Now that we are on property we can do that. So hubby and the young lady stayed back to ride the big rides... Flight of Passage, Everest (again), and Kali River Rapids.

Kali River Rapids! 

We all met back in the room for dinner, which we grabbed from the boardwalk pizza place and booths.

Not sure what the weather is going to do... we have our ponchos! 

After dinner we walked to Epcot (staying on property is great!), stopping for Ice Cream along the way.
Once in the park, we were able to weave in and out of the crowds to get over to the Mexico pavilion. We had time for one ride before fireworks, so we headed straight to it.

Then we checked-in for our Illuminations fast passes. With 15 minutes to spare we had time to find a good spot and rest.

while we were waiting a small rain shower blew thru. We are getting used to the afternoon showers each day. We saw a couple of showers today actually. I find that as soon as I commit to putting my poncho on, it pretty much stops. True story.
The rain passed and Illuminations went off without a hitch. It was fun to see it one last time. They are ending its 20-year run this summer. We also look forward to seeing what they do next.

Walking back to the hotel isn't as fun as walking to the park, probably because now we are tired and our feet all hurt, but it's time for bed, so Goodnight.

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