Monday, September 2, 2019

Orlando 2019 - Parks and a Party

Today started earlier for Hubby than the rest of us. He got up and walked over to the Studios to hit early entry and try out the new ride and Star Wars land. He got there by 8 and rode it 5 times before coming back a bit after 9 am and meeting up with us.

We all took the bus to the Magic Kingdom

We focused on rides with Fastpasses to start. Rode a couple of things and then decided on lunch at Columbia Harbor House. Mobile Ordering is amazing if we haven't said it. Soo much less stress and bother than the wait in-line method.
After lunch we split up for a few rides/shows then met up again for three rides, ending with a fastpass on Seven Dwarfs mine train. At this time we decided to take a break from the park.

About halfway to the buses, the rain came.... we found the closest shelter and broke out our rain gear. Even with the gear on, we got pretty wet getting to the bus shelter.

Thankful for a dryer back in the room!

Had a great couple of hours of mellow rest in the room before we headed back out to the Magic Kingdom for the Halloween Party, Mickey's Not So Scary Party to be specific.
We haven't done this event before. Entering the park all the cast had changed into different outfits. Cute, very colorful outfits for the party.
We all got treat bags and a starter handful of candy... oh, you get candy at this event. They hand out candy at set locations and a few surprise locations too.
We jumped on the people movers to start, hoping to get a feel for what was going on in Tomorrowland, etc.
Having our bearings, we set out to ride more rides and enjoy the lighter crowds.
Earlier in the week, we were not sure if this event was going to happen. But Dorian doesn't seem like it will be the threat to our location that it once seemed like.
The other side of that is that the crowds seem to be thinning out. I think people who drove in are leaving early.

Our time at the party was fun. We hit a lot of rides with very short wait or no wait at all. On Big Thunder, it said it was a 10-minute wait, but it was really just however long it took you to walk through the line - so we rode that twice. In fact, we got to ride several things twice.
I also got to do a photo pass I have been wanting to try and we got to see the beginning of the Halloween parade.

Personally, I am not a big fan of Halloween, but I like animals and I have been impressed by the horse that starts this parade, so getting to see the headless horseman ride the parade route was neat. So the horse navigates the route with his rider who can't see and has one hand holding a pumpkin.... very cool horse.

The young man and I gave up on the fun around 10 and headed back to the bus to the resort. Hubby and our young lady stayed another hour-ish before coming back as well.
Overall it was great to have such small crowds. Not sure we would do it again, as the price is a bit high for what you get but glad we tried it.

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