Thursday, September 5, 2019

Orlando 2019 - 4 Parks in 1 Day!

We have heard of people making up a 4 park challenge and after years of visiting Disney, we thought we would give this a shot.

Since there is no formal "challenge" we decided to set some basic parameters for ourselves.
We expect more than simply walking into all the parks to call it a challenge.

So we decided that all parks needed to be visited during regular ticket hours, or resort guest hours. Not during later or earlier hours purchased by a special event ticket.

In each park, the whole group needs to ride on at least two rides.

A food or beverage item must be purchased in each park.

the group should use a different method of transportation for each leg.

We had to get an official photo pass picture in each park.

We look like we are ready!
If you notice we each have a T-Shirt from a different park... just another part of our silliness ;) 

That's it. Not too many rules. Seems doable
So we jumped to it today. Leaving the room around 7:45 to start the walk to Disney Studios.

First park of the Day! 

Once inside we went straight for Slinky Dog Dash, the line was pretty short, it was Early Entry for resort guests.

Hubby and our young lady wanted to take advantage of the light crowds and ride Smugglers Run again, so the young man and I went and got some food and a coffee (coffee for me, not him).
We also had time to ride Alien Saucers before meeting back up as a group to ride Midway Mania.
At this point we declared ourselves done with one park!

The first transition we used Disney's Minnie Van service - it's like Lyft, but Disney specific.
We had a short wait for the van, but our driver arrived and we had a really pleasant ride to the Animal Kingdom.

Minnie Van! 

By the way... did I mention it is HOT today? in the 90s well before noon... oh bother.

Park number two! 

With our Photopass done, we went directly to the safari.
We had a fun guide and the animals were out to see. After we worked our way across the park. Again the adventurous ones took a quick detour to ride Everest. But we all met after and did our second ride as a family - triceratops spin.

We decided to have lunch in the Animal Kingdom - our young lady had noticed the new counter service restaurant in Pandora had some create your own bowl options that sounded good, so we headed that direction.
The options were a nice departure from theme park food and as we finished up our order a cast member approached us. She told us we have been selected to be the Family of the day! She asked us to follow her to a surprise and that she would personally deliver our food... OKAY!

We were surprised to see a large round table in an empty part of the restaurant, all set up for us. With a "family of the day" certificate and cupcakes! We had that whole section of the restaurant to ourselves for lunch. It was really nice. We finished our lunch and cupcakes, thanked the cast member (Taylor, if you happen to know her), and departed. They opened the section after we left. Again, it was lovely to have a quiet meal in the park - a rare treat! (Additional information from daughter: the cast member liked our shirts and they caught her attention. That is why she picked us for Family of the day!)

Ok... next park!

The plan was to take the bus to the Magic Kingdom. Our young lady and I needed to make a detour back to the room, but we met the boys at the Magic Kingdom (and yes we all took the bus) in time for fast passes on 7 dwarfs mine train.

Park three! Who is tired? 

Followed right after by the Jungle Cruise. We had one set of Fast Passes left, so after a cool treat, we finished up with Big Thunder Mountain before departing our 3rd park of the day.
I am tired just typing this out.

Next up the Monorail to Epcot!
Our last park of the day!!!! Who needs a nap? I do!

Fourth and Final park!

We walked onto Spaceship Earth for our first right and then rode Test Track, which we had been able to get Fast Passes for. From here we decided to take a lap around World Showcase, and see what we might want to pick up to eat. With Food and Wine Festival in full swing, they had LOTS of options.

The last stop was the France pavilion for the movie and treats! Hubby picked up a treat in Germany when we were walking, so we all sat in France and enjoyed a little something sweet.

We did it!!!
Ok, so we are tired! But what a day! 

Wait.. we still need to get back to the room. We exited International Gateway and hopped on a boat back to the resort. This makes the 4th mode of transportation too! [Editor's Note: 5th, actually, since we walked from the room to the studios in the morning. So that give us: Walk, Minnie Van, Bus, Monorail, Boat]

We got back to the room about 7:30 - almost 12 hours after we left the room.
My Fitbit said 23,779 steps for the day - that explains a lot about how I feel.

Nice sunset for our amazing day! 

We talked about going to the pool this evening, But in the end, we decided not to exert any more energy than absolutely necessary. Baths and bed for everyone.

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