Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Hawaiian Adventure Day 10

Oahu - day 2 (our first full day here)

Today I slept in the latest so far (this is the information you came here for, right? What time did she get up?) I got up at 8:35!
Sadly that is in part due to a very restless night. I won't rant about the bed, but only say I had a hard time getting comfortable. 
But the sun is shining and the palm trees are swaying :) Feeling Aloha!

Breakfast today is at the resort buffet. It was a Character meal, which our oldest wasn't thrilled about but the food was really good, so it evened it out, a bit. Two of the hosts at the resort, Auntie, and Uncle seem to lead most of the activities. The kids club is called Auntie's beach house, etc. And this morning Auntie was the host as breakfast. Singing, welcoming people, teaching us a tiny bit of hula. We also got to say hi to Minnie and Goofy. Mickey was there too :)

Aloha Minnie!
The plan today was some GyPSy touring and Pearl Harbor.
We were a little too much on island time today and the touring took the hit. We didn't have as much time as we thought before our Pearl Harbor tour. But we made it to Pearl Harbor right on time.
We talked with the kids last night about this, a little bit of the history and why we wanted to go (and how we expected them to act). The GyPSy talked about it as well, so we were all ready. Our oldest wasn't sure about the movie they show before the boat tour, but he settled in.
The memorial itself is undergoing some maintenance so we couldn't get off the boat at it. But we toured around it. I think the impact would have been even greater had we gotten to the memorial above the Arizona. But we all came away with a greater appreciation for the events of that day and the members of our military. [Editor's note: The boat trip is narrated by someone from the park service, but the boats are piloted by people from the Navy. It's hard to describe, but it was by far the most skillful docking I've ever seen by any boat anywhere. Imagine someone with the skill of the pilots from the movie Top Gun bringing a boat full of tourists up to a dock.]

Walking up to the memorial area.
On the boat. The Arizona Memorial is clearly being worked on. 
Very impressive
I was able to get a nice pic, once we turned around. 

We registered the young lady to be able to go to Auntie's Beach House and she had a hula class she hoped to attend in the early evening. So we returned to the resort for an early dinner. After hula we all hit the pools. They have an awesome (yup, I said it) lazy river. We did the full river twice before venturing to the other areas.
We swam and played in the pools until bedtime. It was great.
I got to watch the sky change color for sunset while floating around a beautiful river... I hope to do it again soon.


I took this late morning. This resort is beautiful. The detail is amazing. Great job Disney. 

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