Thursday, June 9, 2016

Hawaiian Adventure Day 5

Big Island day 5


Today we see the green side of the island, or the wet side, depending on who you ask.
Once again we were all up early... bah. But it means we get rolling earlier, so that is good.
We decided to drive across the island over Saddle Road, instead of all the way around.
This saved us a little time.

You can almost make out the telescopes on the top of Mauna Kea
We made it to the Mauna Loa Macadamia nut factory in good time.
The tour is self guided and doesn't take long... then all that is left is to decide what kind of mac nuts to buy. And there are sooo many choices. We found our assortment and headed out.
We rejoined our GyPSy guide island tour here and followed its suggestions around Hilo.

Hilo Waterfront park
Rainbow Falls
Lava Tube
After our Hilo tour and an easy lunch we went to Verna's for milkshakes. Now this is a history thing... Hubby and I were on the big island about 15 years ago and at that time we found a Verna's location in Kona... the milkshakes were AWESOME. Best we had ever had... so we had to see if they were still around. Not in Kona, but Verna's III was in Hilo, and really, what could it hurt to try?
The kids aren't into milkshakes so they went for a scoop instead. And the service was less than friendly. Hubby was going to get a malt, but the girl taking our order was confounded that we only wanted ice cream and not lunch food, we decided not to push it to much.
Right from this point of ordering, I was sure it was going to be a bust. It wasn't the same.. just keep the memory and let it go. But... but, I was wrong. Still crazy good milkshakes. I haven't had a milkshake in forever and this wonderfully chocolate shake was delicious.

From here we hit the road and started the guide back up.
The big stops on the way back were Akaka Falls and the Train Museum.
This side of the island is a world away from the Kohala Coast where we are staying... its so green and lush. Beautiful.
I was less adventurous today than I expected to be. Some days things just aren't clicking.. ya know. But we (at least some of "we") were able to see several waterfalls and the overlook into Waipio Valley.

Amazing single lane road
Along the path to Akaka Falls
Akaka Falls!
... and the path back UP!

View into Waipio Valley

We wrapped up the exploring and were back to the condo for dinner by a reasonable time. This evening is dedicated to laundry and getting things ready to pack up in the morning. Tomorrow we fly to Maui. Or as the young lady and I have taken to saying.... "Mau-Weeeeeeeee!" Yup, we are silly that way, just wait for " O-wahHOOOOOOOOO" ;)

Last visit to the Koi pond at the Queen's Marketplace
Some of the fish are cuter than others ;)

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