Saturday, June 11, 2016

Hawaiian Adventure Day 7

Maui day 2
(or our first full day on Maui)

We slept in! Well we all were still in bed at 7... and that is the latest so far. YAY!
So we had breakfast in the room.
And we broke out the Vanilla Cinnamon Sugar we picked up at the farm... yumm.
- I debated putting it in my coffee, but decided not to... today ;)

POG in a martini glass. This unit has dishes for 4... and then you wash. But in some cases, that doesn't cover a meal... so when you put your milk in the regular glass... you have to get creative for our juice :) 
She felt extra fancy with the glass.
Our view on the drive to the Maui Ocean Center 

Another gorgeous day on the Islands!

After a delightfully lazy morning we wandered down the road to the Maui Ocean Center. For all intents and purposes it's an aquarium, but they like to think of themselves as more than that, and I am just gracious enough to let them ;)
We did the add on audio tour, which meant that for only $8 the whole family could get all the information we could ever need on the exhibits. We all enjoyed the audio tour for the first half of the center.. then one by one, we started skipping the commentary.

Using the Audio guides.

Check out these two Stone Fish... plus a couple of eels. I don't want to swim in there :)
The highlight for me was the sea turtles... I love em, and they had a youngster too. I didn't get any good pictures - lots of glare off the glass. But I tried :)

Our lady did the kid's scavenger hunt around the grounds and once she finished that, we returned our audio guides and had some lunch.
The wind was strong, so it was a hold onto your plates kind of meal. We made it without things flying, right up until the end.

the view out over the harbor... windy! 

And then it was time to wander back to the resort.
We decided to swim in the daylight today. The kids loved it. I was wishing I brought my sunglasses.
After the swimming fun was done, we dined in the room. And had more amazing ice cream, cause it's so so good.
The evening was mellow with time to relax and a run to the store before bed.
Tomorrow will be a mix of mellow and activity.

We had planned very little for Maui. Only being here a few days, we wanted to try and enjoy a few things, but also enjoy the pools and relax.
So far, so good :)

Our "Official" Maui Ocean Center picture :)

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