Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Hawaiian Adventure Day 11

Oahu day 3

Here we go round the island! Sort of :)
We head up to the Dole Plantation today...  and I am hoping to recreate this picture from 2010 ;)

Taken in January 2010 :)
Our young man feels he can do his part to recreate this pose, but our little lady isn't sure ;)
The drive over hardly took anytime at all, from the Ko Olina area. The difference in crowds from our last trip (Jan. 2010) was significant. We pre-purchased the three tour combo pack (train tour, garden tour, and maze).
We started our fun with the train.
Now put your thinking caps on folks. I asked how long the train ride was, this is the response I got.....

The train ride is 25 minutes, we are running two trains today. A train comes every 10 minutes.

At this point I turned my head towards my brilliant hubby. Trying very hard to make sense of what I had just been told. He simply smiled at me. I wrinkled my brow, as if to silently ask.. What am I missing? That doesn't work. And he continued to smile.
Ok. So clearly time/math defies the general rules at the Dole Plantation.
I decided at this point that my college education was well worth it. If for no other reason that I learned to question things ;)

Our time-defying train ride was nice. They have a recorded narration that runs for the duration. But it's good information and was enjoyable. We saw a number of crops out on the plantation, even some pineapple plants. And once off the train we got to see several types of pineapple plants growing with fruit on them.
Views from the train ride. 

pineapple plants

This is our little lady's hand, used to show how tiny this pineapple is - soo cute!

We wandered through the garden at this point. I will say that even though the path is nice and the plants are beautiful... the commentary (we choose to listen from the app we downloaded) was LONG. We ended up skipping most of it. It could be that we have had plenty of commentary this trip - yay GyPSy guide!

The next time defying train leaving the station. 

Now its time... DOLE WHIP! Being true Disney fans we love a Dole Whip. But its not really something we have access to often. But here we have that chance to enjoy. So we all indulged in some cool, pineapple treat.

Then we hit the maze.
Now, I should mention it has been sprinkling on and off all morning... like barely sprinkling. Almost like a sprinkler was on somewhere in the distance and the wind kicked up. So you think its sprinkling, but you aren't sure, for sure :)

So, once we entered the maze, it actually started to sprinkle. It continued for the bulk of our maze time. So I had drips of water running down my face. Hey, It was better than being hot, and it kept the bugs off me, so I didn't mind.

Oh... you wanted to see that picture? Ok :)

Hey! Who shrunk the sign? ;) 
And of course pictures of the "Worlds Largest Maze".... it seems to be made of hibiscus bushes.... I say this because every now and then you would see a soft pink flower... but mostly it's just trimmed greenery.

We decided we were done after this. And would rather head back to our resort than continue our island tour. I know, I know... but hey its our time, we get to do what we want with it :)
Once back and lunched, our little lady headed down to the kids club for some games and stuff. The boys read and I got to do my nails, un-rushed :)
The boys and I did venture out to the local market across the street for some small items.

We noticed this as we were walking from the resort to the store... is it a Jackfruit tree??? I don't know. 
Our destination - a small shopping complex across the street. 
After some investigation, they decided they are narrow gauge tracks :) 
Dinner tonight is at the buffet.
And once again we will wrap up the evening in the pools. The pools here are really great. The lazy river is my particular favorite, but the family pool is large enough to have room for everyone. Of course we have only been in the evenings when it's quieter :) I like a quieter pool, without being splashed from every angle... this evening it was only one angle, which is very tolerable ;)

Because you NEED to see them close to each other.
This makes me giggle :) :) :)

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