Sunday, June 12, 2016

Hawaiian Adventure Day 8

Maui day 3

A lazy day was planned for most of us. Hubby was off to the other side of the island for a massage.
He did some research and found a place that specializes in traditional Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage. They are actually a place that teaches Lomi Lomi, so we assume they know.

He took the morning to drive over and relax. The kids and I took that time to chill at the resort.

One relaxed dad - check :)
This is what hubby on vacation looks like. 

We came back together just after lunch and all headed out to Lahaina to wander around Front Street and see the famous Banyan Tree.

Enjoying the ocean view.
Silly selfies in Lahaina
click on picture for larger view - This is one huge Banyan Tree. 

We shopped a bit and enjoyed the ocean breezes, working out way to the tree.

Then it was back to the resort for more pool time.
This is probably our last time in the pool here on Maui.
The kids enjoyed the pool options here.

The pools are open later, but all the staffed areas close at 5 - so the water slides and towel pick up all pack it in at 5 pm. We were wrapping things up about that time as well.

We decided to wander out to dinner tonight. Looking for something low key, Hubby found CJs Deli and Diner. It fit the bill perfectly. Hey, any place that has cookies the size of your head, can't be bad. Yes, we split it four ways.... it went great with the vanilla ice cream ;)

Big as your head!  Told ya.

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