Friday, June 10, 2016

Hawaiian Adventure Day 6

Big Island to Maui

Today was a day for patience... and sadly not all of us had it - oops.
It started off frustratingly, when our 8 am trip to the pool was cancelled due to no one opening up the pool. The pool has a double lock.. a deadbolt that apparently someone who works there manages and the regular lock, that all the condos can unlock.
The other morning when we came at 8.. we had no issue getting in. The hours are 8 am to 10 pm, in case you were thinking we were just too early.
But today... we couldn't get in. So we waited.... kind of patiently. And we waited.
Thinking any minute now, someone would buzz up in a golf cart and unlock the pool gates... nope. So we waited a bit more. But see, we have a flight in a few hours and we need to all shower, throw the the suits in the dryer, pack and get to the airport.. so unlimited time at the pool really hasn't ever been part of the plan.
We gave up. There were tears.
But, we got all the required things done and got to the airport on time.
Today our flight was on a local commuter airline, so the check in/boarding procedures were not what the kids were used to. And for some reason (I have no idea) waiting in the outdoor waiting area, was soooo much more boring that waiting in a typical terminal.
But we boarded out little prop and headed across the beautiful ocean to Maui.

We had plumerias all over the resort on the Big Island. This one had fallen, but was still perfect. 
Waiting for the plane to board.  
Our plane to Maui. 
So a few words about our flight...
There is turbulence.. and then there is turbulence in a 9 seater plane. I noticed shortly after take off that our sweet lady had her fingers crossed. Sitting across from her (we all had window seats) I was able to touch her arm and try to reassure her. We got into the flight and she realaxed, until we got close to Maui. Things got really exciting coming into maui. both kids let out a yelp along the decent.
It was clearly no big thing to the pilots who got us down, easy peasy. But probably not a flight the kids will soon forget.

Leaving the Big Island

Once we had our car and were rolling we headed over to Wow Wow Lemonade. We had researched this place before our trip and us girls were very excited to check it out.
We had everything from the classic lemonade to a Lava Flow.... lemonade, with coconut and strawberry puree - yummm.

Landscape is very different from the Big Island 
Then on to the resort. The two lane coastline road to our resort area was very very busy. We had lots of traffic along the way, but luckily we had a nice view of the beach and dozens of people catching the waves.
The resort we are at, Honua Kai, has a new Westin resort being built next to it and one whole wing has a lovely view of the new tower construction. Due to this they are also offering great "construction view" rates. We figured we have a good view on Oahu, so we went for the deal.
This resort is a good size, and is set up as condo style units - kitchen, washer/dryer in each unit.
We decided to chill at the resort for the rest of the day. Hubby hit the local store and got food supplies. After dinner in the room and the appropriate wait, we finally got our pool time for the day.
They have 3 pools in their "aquatic playground" (that is really what they call it). The first is an infinity pool, a pool with water slides and a lazy river pool.

Our view - the kids thought it was pretty cool ;)
They use vanilla from the farm we took a tour of.
Seriously folks... if we could ship some of this home, we would! 

We checked out all the pools and decided on the lazy river pool. Please note this is a one way river... it winds around and ends.... so not the traditional "lazy river", but we had fun anyway. [Editor's note: It's so lazy that it doesn't move at all...]
The area was all lit by tiki torches and the underwater pool lights - it looked pretty cool, with the crescent moon above.
Not a bad way to end the day.

They gave us beautiful Lei's when we boarded the plane. 

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