Monday, March 20, 2017

Anniversary Trip - Day 4

I think this is our earliest morning of the trip... [Well, other than arriving in Orlando at 5:45AM] and it felt sooooo early.
We had 8:10 am breakfast reservations at Garden Grill in Epcot.

Hot Air Balloons out this morning... we saw 5 total :)

Sun is coming up!

Walking to breakfast

When we got to Epcot they had a whole separate (and surprisingly long) line, just for people who have breakfast reservations before the park opens. I am not positive, but I think 8:10 might have been the earliest time option.
Once at the Garden Grill, we waited a few minutes before being seated in an outside facing booth on the lower level. (the restaurant rotates, so this is the ideal spot).
Breakfast is served family style and was a great selection for our group. We swapped the meats for veggie meat and couldn't be happier with it.
While we ate, Chip, Dale, Pluto and Farmer Mickey stopped by to say HI.

We were just signing the check when Mickey came... perfect timing.

After breakfast we walked on to the Living with the Land ride and then had a few minute wait before our Soarin' fastpass.
I thoroughly enjoyed the new Soarin' film. Our location on the ride wasn't idea for perspective, but we got the gist of it. I look forward to next time.
Our sweet girl and I watched the Circle of Life Film while hubby and our son went to grab a wheelchair.
Then we all hit Journey Into Imagination.

It was almost time for World Showcase to open so we decided to go wait for the Circlevision in Canada.

After Mr. Short shared "his Canada" with us, we buzzed over to Japan.
Yup, we walked right past England, France and Morocco and went straight to Japan.
I have always wanted to do the Pick-a-Pearl thing in Japan, but never could either work up the nerve or justify it. I don't wear jewelry beyond my wedding ring and didn't know what I would do with a pearl if it wasn't in or on something.
But being our 20th Anniversary, I decided I wanted to pick a pearl and put it in a little ring. I had heard it gets really crazy, but going early is the best bet - So we temporarily skipped a few countries.
The process was soo fun. The cast members in Japan really make it festive. I had read to pick the ugliest oyster you can find... so the kids and I looked  and I settled on one that seemed a bit uglier than the rest. The cast member pulled it out of the water and taught us how to count down in Japanese. Three, two, one.... pearl. She opened it and found a beautiful pearl!
Amazing. How does something so sweet and lovely come out of something soo weird looking... I suppose its a good life lesson.
Anyway. I picked a setting and they would put it all together for me... we just needed to come back later to pick it up.

Ok, now back to France and our World Showcase touring. Our young man and I went to the France film and Hubby and our little lady explored a bit - found an egg from the Epcot egg hunt and started on a ice cream treat.
We found them after the movie and had a little ice cream ourselves - well, maybe more than a little!

Don't you love how they display the ice cream!?!

This is an Ice Cream Sandwich... meaning it's two pieces of Brioche with a scoop of Ice Cream in the middle and some chocolate sauce that was then put in a sandwich press... so the edges are sealed and the bread is toasty.... OH DEAR ME! 

We can't miss the American Adventure when we are here, so that was on our schedule with a light lunch. Hubby and I shared an entree.
Then we buzzed back to Japan to pick up the ring.

By now we were fairly invested in finding all the eggs. So Italy, Germany, the outpost and China... Eggs found!
As well as Norway and Mexico.
While in Mexico we rode the Three Caballeros.
Wrapping up our day, we took a spin on Mission Space (actually we do the green ride.. so no spinning) before returning the chair and heading home.

Tonight, dinner in the room. It was nice to have a quiet meal. During dinner we planned out the rest of our in-room meals for the week and decided to go to the grocery store.
So we all went to the local SuperTarget to stock up on breakfast, bottled water and assorted food.
When we got back, the kids talked hubby into taking them down to the arcade before bedtime.

What a fun day!

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