Saturday, March 18, 2017

Anniversary Trip to WDW - Day 2, A lazy day

Oh thank goodness for sleep... am I right?
The kids slept at least 12 hours and hubby and I got around 10 hours... Soo blissful.
Let's do that again please :)
We woke up and slowly started on breakfast, which was our fav Pillsbury Orange Rolls etc.
By slowly I mean, I turned on the oven when I made my coffee, but didn't do anything else until my first cup was finished.
We spent the morning and early afternoon relaxing in the room and counting the animals out our
balcony. Today all meals are in the room.

What might they be thinking? (View from our Room)

Chillin' in the room

Early afternoon we decided to hit the pool for a hour before dinner.
The pool here at Kidani is lovely. Big without feeling massive, lots of foliage, perfect temperature.. you get it.. it's really nice. The only thing I would have liked was less music... or more relaxing music. The driving beat kind of kept me from relaxing.
But fun was had by all. 
After swimming we dined in the room and got ready for our evening activities.

This evening Hubby bought tickets for us to attend a Star Wars Dessert Party which included reserved viewing for the new Star Wars Fireworks at the Studios.
We had scheduled a fast pass for Toy Story Midway Mania just before the party started and this time was the first time EVER that I got a higher score than hubby. I asked him several times if he let me win and he insists he didn't... So for tonight, I have the highest score!!!! 

Now on to the desserts - Ooooo, Ahhhhh. 
We haven't seen this space being used as the Lauch Bay yet, so this was a new experience. The Star Wars theming is well done...... part space port, part star wars memorabilia museum. 
Our party had a few Jawas in attendance as well as the occasional troop of Stormtroopers stomping through.

We were told the Jawas would potentially trade with us and after we'd had a round of dessert I took my purple retractable Google pen over to one of the Jawas and ask if it wanted to trade... without much hesitation it shook its head NO. Ok, so not intersted in a pen - got it. 
We returned to the dessert tables, but I was still thinking about what I might have stashed in my purse to trade a rather particular Jawa. 
After the craziest bread pudding I have ever had (m&ms and pretzels thrown in for fun), I remembered a small led flash light I have on my key ring. Its paint has faded in parts, but it lights up with a small twist of the body and it has a small d clip to hook to a ring. 
So, I tried it again. This time taking the time to show how it lights up. This got some attention. The Jawa took the light and tired it a few times, then placed it in its pouch and presented a droid part as my payment. 
Soooo much fun!

The Jawa, checking out the room. 

Jawa looking very closely at my trade.

What I got in return..... a treasure ;)

After the trade, we wandered around a bit more. Including the store with lots of Star Wars fun.

(Do you see why this is soo cute?) 

Then we decided to go over to the fireworks viewing area. We were told that the stormtroopers come back and the whole party goes over together, but we were welcome to go early if we wanted. We wanted. 
I was able to find a light post to call home and was happy to have something to lean against. 
We were all given a Chewbacca Stein as a souvenir and additional bottles of water. The reserved area also had a kids area, so the little lady could sit with other kiddos and watch the show.

Our young lady in the light up bow, sitting with the other kids. 
Selfie time!


Laser effects! (with light saber sounds)


Hysterical Chewbacca Steins :)

The show was great. Hands down, fun and impressive. Great projections on the buildings facades, fireworks, lasers and fire. All put together perfectly. We all loved it!

Hip update: A lazy day was sooo great for me. I feel much better today. Not great, but soo much better. 
Tomorrow we have our first full day in the parks. Hopefully things will continue to improve. 

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