Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Anniversary Trip - Day 6

Family Portrait Day!

Part of our family tradition is to get a family portrait taken every five years. We try to do it around our anniversary and this year we were excited to try the Disney Fine Art Photography Service. 
We were scheduled to meet our photography team at 9 am at the International Gateway entrance to Epcot, as we had scheduled out session to be in Epcot World Showcase.
Well, we were running late.
Our spectacular kids have an amazing talent for slowing down in the tiniest ways we we are on a tight clock - Ugh. Our goal was to be there at 8:45 to meet our team and have a few minutes to talk before we started.
We were still in the car at 8:45 am. But by 9 am we were going through the gates at the International Gateway.... but our team was no where to be found.
Hubby ran to get a wheel chair and I asked a cast member, if she could suggest where to wait - which she did. We had the chair and then spotted the team coming back from finishing with another portrait session.
They spotted us right away and we were off to Germany and Italy area of World Showcase for what turned out to be a fun hour.
We took a large assortment of shots all over those two countries. With fun architecture and Spaceship Earth, we are excited to see how they all turned out.

After that, we had fastpasses for Test Track, which both kids were soo excited about. But the ride was down, which they were not excited about. We decided to grab a snack and evaluate our options.
While noshing on our food the ride opened and we were back on track... get it? Test Track... track?

Anyway.... from there we rode Mission Space again and the kids and hubby went on Ellen's Energy Adveture again. We all rode Spaceship Earth once more and then headed back out the International Gateway to have lunch in the room.

A little bit of lazy time in the quiet of our room is called for this afternoon. Granted hubby an our little lady did run over to Animal Kingdom for one more ride on Kali River Rapids. But beyond that, we relaxed in the room 'til the evening.

Our evening activity was scheduled to be BOWLING!
DVC has a couple of member exclusive events each week. We haven't really joined in in the past, but this year we are checking more out. So we reserved spots at DVC Members' Night at Splitsville Luxury Lanes at Disney Springs (Formerly Downtown Disney).

Having really no idea what to expect we made sure we all had socks and headed to the lanes.
Upon arriving we were directed upstairs to check in. The check in area had lots of blue and white balloons and a "Welcome Home" sign, so we knew we were in the right place.
The staff couldn't have been more helpful. They set us up with our own lane, gave us all DVC socks (cause that is an obvious gift) and shoes and before long our server had joined us.
He told us the general plan, 2 hours of bowling, two appetizers for the group and one entree per person, but all the coke freestyle you could drink.
Getting started was a little bit of chaos, as we were trying to get shoes on, bowl, look at the menu and take it all in. I finally had to stop everyone and say, lets get drinks and look at the menu before anyone picks up another ball.


Some of the pictures are a little blurry, but still fun - so I used them.
I can say that is was a trip highlight for all four of us.
We had a blast and will definitely do it again.

The food was plentiful, next time we won't have much for lunch so we have more room ;)
And the staff was amazing. Our talented kids managed to get bowling balls stuck in some unique ways... bumpers were up, but somehow the ball got stuck behind them? But our server, said "No problem, happens all the time" and expertly retrieved them... every time. Yup, it happened more than once - they are crazy talented ;) [Editor's note: At the end, as he needed to retrieve one more ball, he said "Happens all the time... however, this may be a record for a single family." We tipped him well though.]

We left lanes and decided to go back to the room instead of wandering around Disney Springs.
I think during the day I would enjoy the stroll, but at night the Springs come alive with people everywhere... and despite our rousing game of bowling, I was not up for fighting the crowds or noise.

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