Thursday, March 23, 2017

Anniversary Trip - Day 7 otherwise known as Our Anniversary!!!

It just seems wrong to get up super early on an anniversary, so we slept in a bit.
We are all solidly on Florida time at this point, so we aren't sleeping in crazy late.

We had planned to spend the whole day in the Magic Kingdom today, and as it's the hardest park to drive to, we are taking the bus.
Our bus stop has what time the buses will arrive posted, which is a great help in waiting for the bus,  except for when the times change... making the bus later :( WDW traffic apparently.

The pin on his hat says "Happily Ever After" and the cast member wrote "20 ears"
Very cute :) Him and the pin ;) 

Watching for the bus. 

But we made it to the MK without any trouble and our first Fastpass of the day was for Peter Pan.
We front loaded our three fast passes early in the day, so we could get more as the day went on.. this worked very well for us.

Next up 7 Dwarfs Mine Train. I didn't go on this one - Its a great ride, but I was pretty picky - trying to keep my pain at bay. And I learned earlier in the week that roller coasters aren't great for my pain. Yes, Lots of fun, but today, I wanted to last all day.

I met the miners at Pinocchio's Village house for lunch.
It has been a few trips since we last ate here. They have it very well staffed, which helps with the chaos of lunch at a counter service.

Now, we had time before our Jungle Cruise Fastpass, so we talked the kids into the Tiki Room. Yup, they have never been... I don't know how it happened, but today we fixed it.
Our reluctant young man wasn't thrilled about this, but he grumbled on and we ended up enjoying the show.
Then we left the show to find it was pouring down rain! WHAT? The kids were sure the rain in the Tiki Room show was fake and now to find out the same thing was actually happening... they were a little surprised.
And with Florida rain... sometimes you get lighting. And with lightning, all water-related rides stop until 30 minutes after the last lightning is seen. So, no Jungle Cruise - and this was a HUGE frustration for our young man.
The nice thing Disney does when your fastpass can't be used, is convert it into a flexible fast pass, so it's good on any ride any time [For the rest of the day in that park].
We decided to save ours until the Jungle Cruise could come back, and try to get a new fast pass for something else.
While hubby was getting us Small World fastpasses, we enjoyed a mid day treat in Liberty Square... in the rain. He and I split a waffle with strawberries and the kids had cookie Ice Cream sandwiches. It had mostly stopped raining, but come on, we are from the great Northwest. If we can't handle a little water, that would be soo sad ;)

We spent the rest of our day on rides, with hubby getting us 10 fastpasses over the course of the day. Which I think qualifies him for some sort of expert status. [Editor's note: Yes, yes it does... See proof below]

Fastpasses and reservations for the day (Click to see larger)

We decided to have dinner at the Kona Cafe at the Poly. So early evening the young man and I headed towards the resort monorail. Thinking we would explore the Contemporary and the Poly, while hubby and daughter saw another Muppets "Great moments in History" and then joined us.

We met back up on the monorail to the Poly and had a great dinner at Kona.
After that we rode the monorail back to the Magic Kingdom and enjoyed some more rides before calling it quits.

My goal was to get out before fireworks. I had been on one insanely crowded bus an evening earlier in the week and really didn't want to end our day in that same sitution. So, we skipped the new Rapunzel Photopass, and tried to get out of the park before the fireworks started.
Which we did. But at this point in the evening, the buses seem to wait for the show to end before they roll. So we were on a packed bus, luckily we all had seats :)

It was a great day. I can't believe how many fast passes we got!

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