Sunday, March 19, 2017

Anniversary Trip to WDW - Day 3

It's our first full day in the parks!

We started our day at the Studios. It happened to be Extra Magic Hour at the Studios also, so Hubby went over early to ride Tower of Terror and Rock-n-Roller Coaster.
The kids and I took the resort bus and joined him just after 9 am.

We once again rode Toy Story Mid Way Mania, but this time on the new track (which is the same) and this time I lost. So last night's victory was short lived.
From here Hubby and our adventurous lady hit Star Tours. We all enjoyed MuppetVision before pizza lunch at PizzaRizzos. Which used to be Pizza Planet and I think somehow the pizza is a little better now?

After lunch the kids decided to make droids - we found out this is where the Jawa must have gotten the part he traded me. This was a fun souvenir to make and not too bad of a price for two droids.

Now we have time to kill - Our Indiana Jones FastPasses aren't for another hour.
Again, we went two directions - adventurous ones went to see a short film on the making of the new Star Wars movies and the rest of us toured One Man's Dream.
Then we met up for Indiana and some stunt show fun.

Now, we tried something new: The parks have started offering an express bus between parks. It is an extra cost but the buses run from inside one park to inside another. Meaning we don't have to walk as far.. potentially. And you only have to do your bag check, etc., once.
So we got the pass for the week and tried it out today. Studios to MK was 10 mins - Amazing! We boarded near Rock-n-Roller Coaster and got off in the MK by Buzz Lightyear.
So far, it works great!

Now we have the afternoon in the MK, but we need a snack!
So Ice Cream was calling. We went with some of the messiest soft serve we have ever had. I won't rant on the servings or the presentation - hubby got to hear my astonishment earlier. It may have looked a mess, but it was tasty and the treat we needed.
On to the rides!

Our first MK FastPass was Winnie the Pooh - A family favorite.
At the end of this ride I decided I wanted a wheelchair.
Truth be told, I didn't "want" a wheelchair, I sooo badly didn't want one. But my hip, oh bother the hip again. And at this point it was: call it a day, or give in and roll around.  My desire to be with the family in the parks won.

Hubby ran and got the chair and we met him at Mickey's Philharmagic. We sat in the third row this time - the closest we have ever sat. It was a fun show. We have seen it at least a half dozen times, but this time the crowd was clearly new to it - Lots of fun to hear reactions.

After the show we buzzed over to Big Thunder Mountain Railroad.  With a pit stop to see the Muppets' Great Moments in History [but only the American parts...] - What a great addition to Liberty Square.

Watching the Muppets
(Oh, we had a bonus free fast pass - they gave it to us when we got our bus passes. We can use it on anything - great one time perk) So we planned to use it now.
After the runaway train, we crossed back to Buzz Lightyear and then back to Small World.

We dined at Columbia Harbour House - Everyone was pleased with the selection, which doesn't always happen. After dinner we split up again... Adventurous ones back to Studios to see Fantasmic, the rest of us back to the resort for some quiet.

Waiting for Fantasmic

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