Thursday, September 13, 2018

Europe - Day 16 and 17 (Transatlantic days 3 & 4)

We are bundling our sea days - because there isn't as much to report. They are delightfully relaxing days with very few pictures so we will do a few posts with the highlights.

First off, I will say we noticed a significant increase in ship movement when we left Cobh. It has mellowed out a bit but we are still walking into walls. [Editor's note: Using the accelerometer on my phone, I determined that the up and down motion of the ship is like gaining 20 lbs, going back to normal, then losing 20 lbs, going back to normal and then starting the cycle again.]

We have been using the paper navigator and the app a lot. The app has been working pretty well for communicating with each other. Highlights from the first sea day included family meals, a cheese seminar, seeing a whale blowhole, family Disney trivia, a photo scavenger hunt and seeing Twice Charmed, the musical on board.
Hubby napped a little and I treated myself to a salon appointment before Formal night.
Oh, and we saw a LOT of water ;)
The waves or ship rolling, faded a bit. Apparently this was expected. But we will see what future days hold in regard to the weather and rolling waves. So far we've had beautiful days.

Sunset and the moon from deck 4
We are now into our second sea day. We got up earlier today to see Christopher Robin at the movie theater. We have been saving it for the ship and today it was shown with open captions, which is a preference for our young man.
The movie was very enjoyable. We hope to see it again at some point. After the movie we were able to see a talk from Imagineer Gary Landrum. It sounds like he will be doing a couple of presentations this trip. So hopefully we can catch them all.

Formal night selfie

Meeting one of my favorite Princesses

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