Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Europe - Day 22 (Transatlantic Day 9)

St. John, New Brunswick

Oh! It's our last port! I can't believe it.
And we looked out our window this morning to see.....

Hubby mentioned he had heard the fog horn a bit last night. I was out cold...my choice of medicine knocked me out. That has improved my overall well-being significantly, although I do love the fog horn.

We were one of the first excursions off the ship today. Our tour was to a place that makes Maple Syrup! How Canadian!
We hopped on a bus and had a easy ride to the destination. The highlight of the ride wasn't the guide's silly stories, but the cable ferry across one of the local rivers.
I had a vision of this in my head, that was much more rustic than the reality (probably for the best). Being a fan of the ferry, this was a treat... and an incredibly smooth ride. So smooth that we didn't realize we were already moving across the river. Fun!

The New Brunswick Flag on our Ferry
Once across it was not long til we arrived.
Our guide on the bus.
Once at Elmhurst Outdoors (our destination for all things Maple) we were given the historical tour of how maple syrup has been made though the decades.

Our local maple syrup expert
Taking a picture of how much sap it takes to make syrup.....
The picture.... 40 silver buckets of sap to make the 1 green bucket of syrup
After our tour, it was back to the lodge for a pancake brunch with maple syrup of course. Now this part was funny as our young lady hasn't ever cared for maple syrup and our young man likes the "fake stuff" (Mrs. Butterworth's or Log Cabin). So we weren't sure how breakfast was going to go. If nothing else... the would get pancakes. 
Turns out our young lady now LOVES maple syrup... but only pure real, Canadian stuff. And, well, we didn't change any other opinions today, but enjoyed the pancakes all the same. They did a nice job... I could have gone for another pancake, as I skipped the sausage. The flour was from a local mill, which made the whole meal local -fun. 
After breakfast/brunch.. it was time for taffy.... what? So apparently you can make a maple taffy by pouring hot syrup into packed snow and then twirling the cooling syrup around a stick. Taffy in the Snow I think they call it.... and well, it was tasty.

(Side note: my great night's sleep helped my cold significantly. I have a few mild symptoms, so am still staying very hydrated and keeping the sugar low. But I am not miserable - yay!) 

Ok, everyone had a taste.. now back to the ship. The difference in boarding the ship midday vs 20 minutes before we leave is huge... almost no line at all to get back on board - awesome. 
Back in town, overlooking the port... the ship seems to be playing hide and seek in the fog. 
back on board... checking out the port area
Once on board we decided to chill in the room for a while. I actually had some emails to send (the real world is quickly approaching). Then around 3 pm we decided we needed something to eat to get us through til our late dinner seating. 
It kind of cracks me up that we are still doing "lunch" at 3 pm. When we were in Europe I felt bad about it... but now it's still another 5+ hours til dinner, so it seems like the thing to do. 
Hubby did pop back into town to pick up some cough drops and restock our medicine supply. 

The show tonight is ventriloquist Taylor Mason. We have seen him before, not sure which cruise it was, but he was good. From there on to dinner. Our last night in Animator's Palate (sad), we got to do the animation show tonight, which was super fun. We had a great view of our creations dancing around. As this cruise is like 80% return cruisers everyone knew what was going on.

My cold has decreased from "I am not sure I should go to said activity" to "this cough is mildly annoying" which is happy. But on that note... I seemed to have shared. Hubby has the throat tickle I started with. Fingers crossed for the kiddos.
Two of us went to bed early and two stayed out late.... for the last time. We all have mixed feelings about being almost done with our cruise. 

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