Monday, September 17, 2018

Europe - Day 21 (Transatlantic Day 8)

Halifax, Nova Scotia

Today we are going from our large ship to a tall ship for a few hours. Our excursion is called "Deckhand for a Day" And our ship is the Silva, built in 1932 (we think) and popular because she had both the sails and a motor.

The Silva
Only one of our party was intersted in helping out on board. They had plently of other helpers so we didn't feel bad. We enjoyed the 2 hours on the Silva, the 4 crew were great and we recommend it as a relaxing way to spend a afternoon in Halifax. [Editor's note: Well, relaxing except for the cannon...]

Helping to raise the sails
great views, local lighthouses

The cruise terminal here is a mini mall of just Canada souvenirs. So we walked through and picked up a couple of items.

Before 5 pm we were floating away from Nova Scotia. Only one more port and one sea day left.
I can't believe it.
I am still feeling icky... I think it's a cold. There have been a ton of people coughing and sneezing in the shows etc. I hope I am the only one from our family that joins in the sneezing. I may be done with desserts for a while.

Tonight's show is Broadway star Michelle Mallardi. She has been in a number of things - the reason we get to see her is that she was Belle in Beauty and the Beast on Broadway. She did a fun show that shared her career journey through song. Very, very good.

We had our last meal in Lumiere's. Sad a little... things are winding down.
I decided to leave dinner after the entree and let the family enjoy dessert while I got ready for bed. I know a good night sleep will do me good. Hopefully, I can find the right medicine in my little med-bag to help me sleep.

- Good Night

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