Saturday, September 15, 2018

Europe - Days 18 and 19 (Transatlantic Days 5 & 6)

We are on our third sea day in a row.... in the middle of the Atlantic...which for the record, is HUGE
It's a bit surreal to look out and see sooo much water. I feel very blessed to have this opportunity.

Kids fell asleep a bit earlier last night and we kind of woke up a little earlier this morning. We had breakfast at Cabanas, which has been our tradition. Then I went to see a movie, Solo. Hubby saw it with his office when it first came out, so I enjoyed the movie on my own today... although the theater was packed so I wasn't anywhere close to being alone. When the movie was over it was close to lunch time. Being such a beautiful day we ate out on deck.

Our view at lunch

After lunch it was hubby's turn to see a movie. [Editor's note: Incredibles 2]  Actually while he was at the show our young man and I watched a movie in the room and the young lady enjoyed time in the club with her new friends.
We have been doing the Photo Challenge each day... it's a photo scavenger hunt around the ship... I think we missed the first day. We did the art one, and the flooring one. Today's is tables around the ship.... And it's not easy.

Today's photo challenge
We also enjoyed another lecture from the imagineer.  The evening show is a Ukulele band called Ukebox. They were really great. We laughed, we clapped, it was fun all around. It is also Pirate Night tonight, which means lots of people dressed up like pirates. My vague attempt to accessorize with the provided bandanas had me looking much more like Rosie the Riveter than any pirate. But hey, I tried. They do a Caribbean themed menu, which our head server told us they don't use in Europe... apparently Americans like the Caribbean flavors but typical European families don't. The night ended with fireworks and a late night buffet in classic cruise style.
The adventurous ones attended those.... we lazier ones, chilled/slept through it all.

Ukebox: the Ukulele Band

Towel octopus, we think


Woke up feeling odd today. Not ill, but let's keep things mellow today folks. Doesn't look like the ocean is going to play ball - lots of swells today, which are still amusing to me, despite feeling more sensitive. We breakfasted up on deck (well three of us did). It is cooler today than yesterday, but still I was ok in short sleeves. We took a few items back to the lazy one.
Today we are spending the day as a family - wish us luck, Just Kidding.
They have another scavenger hunt for us, as well as lots or crafts throughout the day. We also brought some card games. I am secretly hoping to sneak a nap in - we will see how that goes for me.

playing some trivia
The Scavenger Hunt was fun, we found all the items in less than an hour. Today it doesn't appear you turn it in, so we kept them. We joined a Disney Cruise Line Trivia Game - we got 19 out of the 24 questions.. not bad. After lunch we tried our hands at a 3D Craft and some Postcards. Plus we broke out the games - Our youngest picked up a strategy game when we were in Stonehenge... it's kind of fun. Plus we have some card games.  Somewhere along the line our young lady and I saw some dolphins! That was super cool.

We switched our meal and show around today... so we couldn't dine with our usual server team. We tried dinner at Cabanas. Which is table service for dinner. Our impression is it is in part a training ground for servers... we could be totally wrong, but that was our feeling. We had a nice dinner, not on par with the main dining room, but certainly as good an most mid-range restaurants on land.
After dinner we had some down time before the show... Tangled! Can't wait.

Some additional pictures from our last sea day (in a row... one left in a few days)....
Several things had a Tangled overlay today.... very fun! 

I had a fancy drink with lunch... it was called a Salted Stitch! Coconut, Pineapple, Lime, and salted caramel.... Oh dear me. 

We are almost there! 

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