Sunday, September 2, 2018

Europe - Day 6


Love the lazy mornings! We didn't have anywhere to be until noon today, so we had breakfast in the room - thanks to our little kitchen.
First event of the day was a tour at Chocoversum by Hachez. Hachez is a brand of German chocolate, and our tour was very, very tasty.


We purchased tickets ahead of time online, which was good as the tours were filling up fast today. And it allowed us to get an English tour... which was very handy.
We have taken two other "how to make chocolate" tours over the years.... one at Hershey's and one at Theo Chocolate. Those two were polar opposites.. Hershey's had singing animatronic cows... Yup, singing cows.  And Theo was just about as far away from silly as you can get. Today's tour was somehow perfectly in the middle. Our tour guide Felix was funny and very knowledgeable. And the samples were AMAZING! We also got to make our own chocolate bars... which are soo yummy, none of us plan to share.

Our Guide Felix and the largest chocolate fountain in Germany.

Learning the process for making out own chocolate bars.


Sample bars 
Two of the bars we made! So yummy.

From the land of flowing chocolate we went to Miniatur Wunderland. Which is the largest model train layout in the world. Two floors of amazingly detailed layouts.
First we had lunch, then we explored. I took over 100 pictures of tiny little people and tiny little flowers, and trains of course.
fun tables for lunch... like a train

And only a few of the pictures I took... I promise... I edited down for you all. 

The mini version of the actual place... 

tiny sunflowers... I love this.

these planes actually move around the airport! 

Every 20 minutes they switch to nighttime for a couple minutes... so you can see the lights... soo fun! 

This was the thing from Germany that our young man was looking forward to the most. All other activities were fine.. but we are still going to Miniatur Wunderland, right? So, he was excited. And the place was packed. You enter at a set time, to keep crowds spaced out a bit, and we entered at 3 pm. By 5 or so, it wasn't elbow to elbow anymore, which was cool. And we wrapped up around 6 pm.

Here's a video of a plane taking off at the airport at Miniatur Wunderland:

With a crazy meal schedule today, eating late and eating chocolate, dinner was needed but not really wanted so we decided to graze in the room. No one went to bed hungry, but a big meal just wasn't going to cut it.

Ideally we will get to bed early. Tomorrow we fly - and it's even earlier than the last time.

A few photos of the buildings and views we saw along the way today....

Gute Nacht

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