Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Europe - Day 23 (Transatlantic Day 10)

Final Day at Sea
I heard the fog horn! Woo Hoo... I know, I am silly. Actually it was super late last night or early early this morning, but it made me smile.  We still have fog this morning, but apparenlty the visablity is better.

Boat in the distance... lots of fog!

And the cold is making its way through us... our young man sounds pretty congested today, and he slept in rather late, which he never does. So we are adding some extra vitamins for everyone and keeping super hydrated. Our server told me last night that this was making the rounds. At least three of her tables had someone with a cold. Such is life on a ship, I suppose.
Today we are enjoying time on board - the cruise director said to make the most of your day with all the (plethora) of on-board activities. But I am going the other way... enjoy my last day of leisure. Kids are happily entertained, food is all prepared, etc.
Hubby and I get to have brunch at Palo today! Brunch is our preferred Palo meal, and he skipped breakfast in preparation.
As we have experienced in the past it was delicious. And incredible service.
We both felt a distinct difference going to Palo the last day of an 11 night cruise vs the first few days... when you are still in awe of the plethora of food.
We ate less than we ever have before at Palo. The server actually said "No! Really?" when we told him we were done. We might have stumbled onto a strategy for not overdoing it, go the last possible day... we will have to try again next time to see.
The reason we went the last day instead of one of the earlier sea day (Palo is only open for Brunch on sea days) was that this was the first reservation we could get.
If we haven't mentioned it before, this cruise is mostly repeat cruisers. To be specific out of the 1800 passengers only 300 are new cruisers. And over 800 of the remaining 1500 are gold or platinum Castaway Club members (meaning they have completed at least 5 cruises on Disney (10 for platinum)). Castaway club members get early booking for Palo. And even though we are gold members..... the last sea day was the earliest brunch we could get.
After brunch, hubby took a power nap while I started organizing everything we needed to pack. We have enjoyed the luxury of being unpacked for the last 10 days. But everything goes back in its packing cube today.
What does it mean when you have two empty cubes at the end? Did we lose clothes? Are they hiding? Or maybe I am just much better packing now than I was 24 days ago!
Late afternoon, I met our young Lady and a friend of hers for a short movie up on deck. It threatened to rain on us, but once we wrapped up with towels it went away. While I was gone, Hubby dove in and packed our two big suitcases. Those will go out tonight and re-appear tomorrow at the port, everything that is left we carry off the ship ourselves.
Our final show of the cruise is the classic Disney Dreams. They are very proud of this show, I think it's on every ship. We have seen it many times, and Hubby and I would have skipped it, but the kids were both wanting to go. And we enjoyed it once again. 
Then off to Rapunzel's Royal Table for our final meal and show in this fun dining room. Our dining team has been wonderful this cruise (aren't they always?). With eleven dinners to get to know us, we felt very well taken care of. Maria, our server, and Marco the assistant server were amazing. Both took time to try and talk with our kids. And were very respectful of our young man's needs. They also had tea already laid out for us when we were sick and always made wonderful recommendations. If we saw them other times of the day, they always made a point of talking with us. We will see them tomorrow for breakfast, but tonight was the last dinner. Sad. 

Pascal Ketchup.... too fun. 

After dinner our young lady went to the club for the farewell slideshow etc. Hubby hit the last evening variety show and the young man and I got a little quiet time before bed. 
It's almost over. I can't believe what an amazing trip this has been. 

Our last towel animal... is it a mouse? 

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