Sunday, September 16, 2018

Europe - Day 20 (Transatlantic Day 7)

We are back to a run of port days! Which can only mean one thing... we have successfully made it to North America, across the pond, or whatever you want to say. [Editor's note: Yes, we realize that the title of this post still says "Europe". It's going to say that for the rest of the trip for consistency.]
And today we are in Sydney, Nova Scotia. Our excursion is after lunch so we get a mellow breakfast and morning.
Views of Sydney from the top deck
Classic ship picture
Looking out the front
The excursion was to the Alexander Graham Bell museum to explore and for the kids to make kites. If we get some wind maybe fly them.
It was about an hour bus ride out to the museum. Our guide was pretty informative. But it kind of reminded me of driving around with my grandfather, in the kind of information and the subjects he focused on.
people getting ready to go on tours
our bus - rolling along
There was also a little mix up at the museum. It's hard to tell if they were actually ready for us. It seemed that despite the tour info saying kids made the kites, and adults would get that time to relax and explore, everyone was making kites. And they didn't have the space to accommodate all of us. So, they took about 70% of the group and the rest of us checked out the museum.
This had some hiccups as the second group... our group... had significantly less time to make kites... we had a little over a half hour, while the first group, had a little over an hour. Yeah, not sure where the communication broke down. But it all worked out in the end.
We even made it back to the ship on time.

It turned out to be a lovely day
Checking out the museum
Ready to make some Kites
Framework is done
We always enjoy watching the ship depart and today we had a great view.

Skylar keeping the finished kite safe on the way back
Kiddos saw one of these for the first time... and were excited to "figure out" how to use it!
Back on the ship we settled into our "usual" evening routine. The evening show was a acapella group from Florida [The Edge Effect]. They were really good. Dinner we got to return to Rapunzel's Royal Table - Such a fun restaurant.
I am starting to feel congested - more so than just some random allergies. I loaded up on water and took some medicine and went to bed. Fingers crossed it's a fleeting thing.

Over all a nice cruise day!

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